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  ..when you live your life with the appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with an underlying field of infinite possibilities.

                                                     P A I N T   Y O U R   W O R L D 

                                           Pittsburgh Paints...VOICE OF COLOR!!



                                        Mayan Legend
There are riches to be found in the City of Gold... intense and dynamic, these colors are impressive and magnificent. They inspire conversation and activity and are not for the faint of heart. Create your own legend with the energizing, bejeweled hues of copper, amber, gold, and sand... and never underestimate the impact of color in your environment.

This color palette features beautifully rich neutrals..while highlighting fresh color combinations!  

"We deliver with knowledge, experience and excellence"

            Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID


PITTSBURGH - Color is back in a big way, according to PPG Pittsburgh® Paints’ color forecast for home décor in 2012.

Homeowners will gravitate toward deep, bold and bright colors to invigorate the grey and beige of past years. They’ll make highly-charged personal choices like lipstick reds and azure blues, setting the stage for a vibrant 2012.

“We are rediscovering the joy and beauty and optimism that we need to overcome adversity, and our color choices for home will reflect that,” says Dee Schlotter, Brand Manager, The Voice of Color, PPG Pittsburgh Paints.


  Making a statement! 

 Your entertainment room will welcome guests  with a flair of innovative design.  

    Comfort!    Relaxed!   Casual!  Sophisticated!

                           Leather, Stone & Wood
                  Equestrian Chic

This archetypal palette of layered organic neutrals is dramatically reinvented with the introduction of a grounding charcoal base. All rooms can use a few black accents for drama, be it lamps, wrought iron, or picture frames... so, why not an entire wall? Try a feature wall in its deep-of-night charcoal, and to do it justice, be sure to use an ultra matte paint for the ultimate, blemish-free, rich finish, which is particularly important for deep colors.


                                                                                 Infusion of color!!!

                                                                               YOUR   PERSONAL


                       C U S T O M      P  A  I  N  T     C O N S U L T A T I O N  

                             ...and the color forecast for 2012

                      !Warm autumn tones and rich desert hues bring in exciting new palettes!

                                                                                   Colors sizzle!!

Studies prove consumers are now spending more time at home than ever before. The desire to create an environment which is refreshing and revitalized is important.  Major decorating decisions are made by safe choices and this includes color.  Painting a room is a scary thought to some homeowners..and a lot of work.  What if it's the wrong color?  Ask a professional...and the advice will be a time saver...



            Don't Bet Against RED!! 

My favorite Sherwin Williams RED is SW6866 Heartthrob.  It's clean, it's vibrant, it's true!!   Whatever the reason, there's no denying the pervasive power of RED!! 

Want to triumph over a competitor?  Attract romantic attention?  WEAR RED! Scientists have discovered that color tips in the wearer's favor. Athletes in "red" have a small but significant advantage over opponents in other colors.  Can you believe it? 

Using red in interior design is fun as an accent.  Mixing the popular gray tones or monochromatic tones with red, gives the room a splash of color...nothing bright or shocking!  Painting a bookcase or entry door with a red tone brings a fun element to any decor....a final touch! Red influences...all about choice!



                                              Looking forward to .... HOT STEAMY 2012

                    PICKING UP STEAM!!! 

Powerful dishwashers from brand appliance companies deliver dependable cleaning performance through STEAM!  The newest innovation in engineering...   Removes even the most stubborn residue and spots from glassware, delivering more powerful cleaning performance than ever before.

Whirlpool Corporation, which acquired Maytag brand in 2006, is the first in the industry to launch a steam option in dishwashers.  The new Steam Clean feature further enhances the proven performance and powerful components already found in Maytag brand dishwashers and reduces pre-washing and re-washing.             

The new Steam Clean option adds 24 minutes to the end of the wash process.  During that time, dishes and glassware are inundated with high-temperature steam.  Watch for more of this technology in additional appliances...such as convection steam combination oven by Thermador.

Call Custom Image Interiors for SHOWING!! 612-384-7718!!

Maytag's Steam Dishwasher 

    Thermador's Steam and Convection Oven!!!!

 Thermador's own Chef Brad Petersen recently baked artisan bread in the brand new Thermador Steam and Convection Oven. This oven combines 3 distinct cooking solutions...steam, true convection and a combination of the two.  The oven is the latest innovation, adding to Thermador's long list of industry firsts.



    -Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman shades feature over 300 timeless fabric and color combinations, coordinating decorative    tapes and trims, a fabulous selection of shade and valance styles, and superior craftsmanship.

  - Shades are crafted using the most advanced equipment  and processes, providing consistent quality and construction. Detail in every shade.

   -QUICK delivery times...simple ordering process

   -All shades backed by the Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guaranty!!


Hunter Douglas Design Studio is Hunter Douglas' first venture into the world of designer drapery fabrics and the most popular and practical of "drapery fabric" functional window treatments, the Roman Shade. Hunter Douglas has made a collection of different Roman Shade styles including batten front hobbled or flat. A great collection of imported print and solid fabrics are available as well as beautiful sheers. Three beautiful trim styles in several colorways and six tape styles to add finishing touches. All fabrics are made 100" wide for seamless shades and draperies.

Versatile  & private!!Design Studio Roman Shade!!Many Fabrics!! 

           Available through Custom Image Interiors 612-384-7718

                                                         A look  inside... International   Market    Square.....FURNITURE !!

                                                                              (...and introducing Cube & Dot Tile inspiring collection!!!)

                                            HABERSHAM FURNITURE....YOU envision it!    WE create it!

Today, Habersham still leads the way in the fine art of furniture design.  They are so confident.. that in addition to their product line.. a new “whole home” concept is finding its way into some of the finest dwellings in the country. Custom kitchen, bath and other cabinetry designs offer rich, opulent finishes and blend seamlessly with rooms of casual elegance, all enhancing today’s gracious lifestyle.

The Library..a classic example of  authenticity...Habersham Designs!! 

At HABERSHAM, the highly skilled artisans and craftsmen work closely with my clients to create high quality, made to order furniture and cabinetry to meet your needs!  Choose textures and tones  found within their special collections.  From aged, distressed influences to simple clean styles, our artists can create the look of your dreams!!

                                   ..for 2012..
                         ..from Habersham..





        Crownpoint Two Drawer Chest

One of many designs in the new Habersham American Treasures ® collection of copyrighted furniture designs. Crafted by Habersham’s trained artisans and craftsmen, American Treasures pieces take their inspiration from classic styles that have been updated and simplified -- creating versatile looks, timeless styles and clean, simple lines that are at home in traditional or contemporary settings. Available in an extensive range of finish options.


Collection available through Custom Image Interiors!

                    Habersham Berkshire

                                    Grand Entry

This unusual accent piece brings a bit of novelty and intrigue to any entry space. The carved wood detail, along with the bold design, offers excitement for this otherwise ordinary space.


               Welcome to our HOME! 



                            CUBE and DOT designs...COMMAND ATTENTION!!!

                          (You'll find this tile @ Uson Design Solutions...International Market Square!) 

                                                                 ...or contact Custom Image Interiors for more information

A simple idea...finally brought to the forefront.  This inspiring collection from Kale is shaping up to be one of the design industry's most innovative design concepts for 2012.  It was developed by well known Turkish industrial designer Tamer Nakisci.  The oversized diamond shapes, to form the cube effect, come in large sheets, while basic circles are grouped together to make the dots.  These eye catching patterns have a 3-D effect and can create the illusion of hanging ornaments.  While the collection is considered futuristic, it can compliment both modern and classic design.


                             TAKING SHAPE!

The "Cube and Dot" collection offers countless options for design and color, shading, placement & layout. It truly begs for personal expression.

Pricing is very affordable considering the level of design and customization that goes into the tiles.


                 !!!Life lives here at......California Closets!!!

Your  more than ever!!!  At California Closets they understand the personal connection.  Homeowners demand customized cabinets and storage areas....which make the most of your space.  California Closets offers the level of service, functionality and craftsmanship  that no other supplier of  Custom Image Interiors can match.   Together...let's get organized!!!    We're committed to YOU!!


 From custom designed and manufactured closets, offices and libraries, to  entertainment centers, home theaters and garages...California Closets is committed to providing an extraordinary level of satisfaction.

If you're building a new home...or remodeling...getting organized within your space is the solution.

Our design team is the expert at finding the ideal unit for your environment.  

        Contact Custom Image Interiors 612-384-7718 for details!

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