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                                                                             "Imagination is more important than knowledge"   

                                                                                                                                                   Albert Einstein

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                       Color of the Year.... MARSALA!

Pantone's annual pick for color of the year goes to Marsala, a rich brown-red.... the color of fortified wine.    Using this dynamic hue in your kitchen and accessories.... will definitely make a statement!!!!!!


Custom Image Interiors is excited to introduce and celebrate the launch of Pantone Color of the Year 2015 with a capsule collection of perfectly paired fabrics and trims in PANTONE 18-1438                        

Unusual and appealing, Marsala (PANTONE 18-1438), is a compelling and cordial tone that nurtures! It exudes confidence and stability while feeding the body, mind and soul. Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this charismatic hue incorporates the satisfying richness of a tastefully fulfilling meal..while it's grounding red-brown roots point to a sophisticated, natural earthiness.

From wonderfully textured neutrals to vibrant patterns and prints, this collection offers immediate options for our clients interested in incorporating the PANTONE Color of the Year 2015 into fabrics and elegant trims for their current and future design projects.

              MARSALA for 2015

         Your COLOR OF THE  YEAR!

      A must have...

When selecting a color for your project....remember to  incorporate a color which is comfortable in your environment....but makes a subtle statement. This simple step will make your project a perfect and warm atmosphere for all....


                         Wondering?    FLASHBACK to 70's? 

Pantone attention to trends all over the globe...before making it's annual choice.  Marsala has been in the fashion world....showing up on runways frequently....showcasing this updated 'maroon' colorway!

    It's common....interior hues follow fashion trends....


     LIGHTING 2015....Your Technical CHOICE!

                                  Today's dynamic lighting choices reflect our diverse mindsets, lifestyles and design philosophies.

               Although it is an interesting needed can be a very technical choice....and require the knowledge of a specialist.

When beginning a is of utmost consider good lighting in a room.  Additionally....always look at the elements within the lighting choices which will truly stand out.  Always add lighting which will meld with the other design features in your room.  Small details abound....such as using the same color tone in your compact florescents and LED bulbs to ensure even ambiance throughout.

                2015 showcases a trend.....layering lighting. A well lit room requires three types of light: ambient, task and accent.

Placing table lamps in front of decorative sconces....a brilliant look! important feature for any type decor.  Be aware of the visual connection and interaction between all products being selected per room.


                                Balancing Act 

A design which brings 2 light fixtures into a room...can be interesting...and not overwhelming.  Instead of using an oversized light....this can bring warmth to the environment.... by not drawing attention upward. A large room is needed to use this idea...but the concept is ready and waiting for a splash of character in the right home.  


   Evoke a certain emotion with 2015 lighting choices!

Update your decor with this sleek DRUM light design.  In 2014....the DRUM  design became very popular....and is being brought to the forefront in 2015. It's angular frame is fabricated in a brushed bronze finish...which nicely complements the linen shade. Great for medium sized DINING ROOM.  26" W x 30 1/4" L     

            Wall Wizardry!   

Transitional or modernistic WALL SCONCE....will have everyone talking! The design will make any room look 2015. Metal antique brass strips are placed strategically on the bronze silk fabric surface. Use on either side of door as you enter....or as a statement in the front entry hallway.  No matter what you do.... it will say WOW and make a statement.  Using in a Great Room will instantly set the mood and style. 

     Casual or Formal!

                                                                            Dont forget about your EXTERIOR Lighting!

      Providing a warm and safe approach to your front entry...can be a stunning addition to any environment. Consider the architectual style!!!

   Outdoor sitting areas can be dressed with weather resistant chandeliers or lanterns as a focal point.   Wall sconces can enhance the element of whimsy.                       

                    FANCY...Familiar...COLOR HUES! 

  Pair any of these 'new' colors with Linen, a light and airy color..a nude-like basic that is a must have for 2015

African Violet, an exotic statement color that brings a touch of intrigue to the palette. Marry it with purple and incorporate it into many unexpected combinations.  Try pairing it with exuberant Marsala a seductive and sensual...yet celebratory shade. Whether it's only an accessory...or painted wall...this exciting Color of the Year 2015 has to be on your 'new' paint color list. Wonderful in a Dining or Powder Room.

Nectarine, a bright, effervescent citrus orange with coral undertones, provides a tangy burst of flavor. Bring out a piquant taste with Lemon Zest  It's a refreshing, spritely golden hue.

Signifying the time of day when everything starts to wind down and you're ready to 'relax', Dusk Blue offers a calming sense of serenity akin to its great green counterpart Grayed Jade.  Both of these colors act as the seasons's newest neutrals.  For an unexpected mix, use Dusk Blue with the intensity of Marsala or Nectarine....


Purple.. and it's coordinating sister, Violet,  continues to be a HOT color carrying over from 2014.  Mix it with turquois, subtle gold tones and neutrals for a flourish you can't resist!

              Remember...if you walk into a room and 'notice' the paint've done something wrong! 

"I recently specified Benjamin Moore No. 691 for a Lake Minnetonka formal dining room.  It's a beautiful blue/green indigo.. which will be a soothing and  inviting change...from their 'red' 2000 paint choice.  The homeowner fell in love with the soft...but 2015 hue.  The round, itimate table with leather accent seating, 100% wool rug and accessories of famly heirlooms...completes the enhancement.  Creating an experience 'just for you' is always the goal when beginning a project with Custom Image Interiors."

                                                                                                                                               Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID

       Ceiling color can transform a room!

                        Ceiling Pizzazz!!!

A large room with high ceilings can feel impersonal or unbalanced when furnishings, floor coverings and accessories visually occupy the bottom half of a room, leaving the top bare.

In this case, experiment with a ceiling color in a deeper shade. For example, a rich cocoa in a soft sheen, such as eggshell or pearl, will cozy up and balance a large open space.

               Ceiling-Branchport Brown HC-72

                   Walls- Crisp Khaki 234

               Accent Alcove- Misted Fern 482

                                            (Benjamin Moore Eggshell)


                                                                                                       Custom Image Interiors                                                                                                   2015



 PINTEREST....a link to peruse interesting recipes, design trends,                      architectural  phenomenons and world-wide destinations....

  ....all products & recipes personally selected and destinations visited....  


                             Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID

           Custom Image Interiors

  We inspire by our design at a time!

       International Market Square.....Minneapolis                                FRANCOIS & CO........Signature Materials!!

François & Co. at International Market Square.... in the heart of Minneapolis... persistently pursues higher and higher levels of quality, innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship. They remain resolutely passionate about their you can see by the 'pewter' bar top featured. When Custom Image Interior's clients want something 'out of this world beautiful'...I specify Francois & Co.

The artful choice for a material as unique as 'pewter'. The 5 1/2" bar edge with the hand carved grapevine detail... highlights the luxurious texture of the pewter metal. As this metal ages over becomes more beautiful.  Make a statement with a gorgeous metal influence in your home....


           Counter Tops....where Formica left off...and... Solid Surfacing came into....VOGUE! 

                      Granite   or   Quartz               

  Long lasting, stain resistant and beautiful..GRANITE is the most durable...and easiest to care for than any of the products which are offered.  It provides an elegant look in any environment...but it is the highest per square foot cost.  Granite Counter Tops may have to be sealed every year, but they're relatively low maintenance compared to tile or concrete.  The price range is from $75-$200 a linear foot installed.

     Manufactured QUARTZ imitates the look of limestone, granite, or marble...but it's more resistant to scratches and stains. It's made up of 90% quartz particles.  This synthetic composite comes in an array of colors, designs and thicknesses. Quartz doesn't require sealing and is easy to maintain.  Manufacturers include Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, Zodiaq, Technistone & HanStone.  These products are typically $50-$150 a linear foot installed.


               CAMBRIA  Counter Tops...GREAT for any room...any time!! 

Taking its cue from the medieval town of Oakhampton in southwest England, this dark chocolate is multi-talented.  Oakhampton is equally capable of commanding a room, as well as serving as a sleek and modern backdrop.   

                                                Many Choices!         Nonporous!        Easy to Clean!


Maintaining Cambria is easy. Simply wash with a soft cotton cloth and warm water, use a mild soap if desired. Maintenance FREE!!

DO NOT expose, in use or otherwise, Cambria to abrasive or strong alkaline or acid or free radicals or oxidizers or the like (whether high, neutral or low pH) cleaners. Various chemicals are corrosive and/or erosive in their ability to attack any structure including Cambria. Be very aware of these potential damages to your surface.

Cambria IS NOT heat proof, chemical proof or fracture proof in any form. Be aware of damaging exposure to these potential damaging acts upon your Cambria.


Exotic Granite...originating from Brazil, China, India

                               Cabinetry from Ridgeway!

                                 S E A S O N   of   C R E A T I V I T Y

                  Getting ready for SPRING!                                            

                                  2015 WINDOW SHADES


                                              !!!NEW PRODUCT....NEW FOCUS.....NEW STYLE!!!

                       ALUSTRA PIROUETTE SHADINGS

Combining function with beauty for a radiant collection of Alustra® Pirouette® Shadings. Refined texture and subtle sheen creates a captivating ambiance as sunlight filters into the room.    

Ultimate Versatility! If you are shopping for a fabric shade...Pirouette Shading is your answer.  Wonderful for bedrooms. Soft vanes are attached to a sheer backing that appears to be floating your room. It draws light into your environment when 'open'....privacy when 'closed'. You can easily pull up out of the way if you want a beautiful 'view' uninterrupted....

            PERFECT SOLUTION!!

         Many Color Choices Available

               Contact: Custom Image Interiors 612-384-7718


                                        2015 WINTER SALE-25%

        SHEER GENIUS!!!    Window Coverings for every LOOK!!! 

Provide a crisp, tailored look!   This can be achieved in a myriad of ways...from Roman Shades to Sliding Panels. For a custom look... ROBERT ALLEN introduces their collection of sheer styles, including exclusive decorator sheers.  Also the collection showcases basic richly colored options.  Inspired by current trends, there are 400 fabrics from which to choose. As always, look to Hunter Douglas for fine shadings with optimal and creative  ways to enhance any window in your environment.


                                            Arch Addition! 

Don't hide the beauty of 'arches'.  With sheer drapery panels....defuse the light....but always see the architecture elements in this room.  Sensational SHEERS!

Creamy and cool drapery traversing window treatment....will always be a popular accent in any room.  Robert Allen 122" W fabrics....enhance not only the room...but with no seam'll look twice to figure out the style is 'seemingly seamless'... 

                                     a look inside...International Market Square...Minneapolis   

    Throughout International Market Square you will find the Twin Cities largest collection of traditional and contemporary furnishings. Over 70 showrooms feature an extensive selection of fine furniture, fabrics, floor coverings, wallcoverings, artwork, kitchen and bath products.  

                                Easy C H A I R S...            

                                                 ...Easy Comfortable Choices!!

The optimal measurements for a chair are 28" W x 40" D x 31" H. This measurement fits men and women comfortably...not too wide or deep. When you commission a piece of should fit you like a hand tailored suit...perfectly sized and stuffed.  Always a nice feeling...don't even think about getting an Archie Bunker-esque 'easy chair'. There are many comfortable classics without overstuffed cushioned type designs.


.. through Custom Image Interiors @ International Market Sq.    612-384-7718

           HICKORY CHAIR

     Opulent!  Comfortable!

This Hickory Chair 'Rawlings' Leather Chair and Ottoman has deep seating for comfort and a curved back frame to enhance the overall style.  The Series can be upholstered in fabric or leather as shown.  The stylish ottoman..a perfect coordinating piece for relaxing. A low profile 'swivel' is available as well.  

Medium Mohogany is the standard finish as shown.  Many other leather and finish choices can be chosen by client to fit their interior decor.

 AUTHENTIC MEETS ICONIC Baker calls these chairs "classic" for a reason. For three generations, Baker has been the standard in fine upholstery. Superb in design and execution, this is the furniture that has come to define Baker. We have selected our most iconic silhouette, which has been in the collection for decades. Choose the frame that suits your style and pair it with any of Baker's over 1000  fabrics...find the perfect choice.                   

           Products presented.. can be ordered through Custom Image Interiors!

   MARGE CARSON...your Dream in Chair Upholstery!

   The most important piece of furniture you in front of  your  TV! 


 Marge Carson's Design Folio is a unique furniture collection that enables each piece to be highly versatile and personalized. Flexibility in sizes and functions takes Design Folio from casual country to Hollywood glamour, from comfortable contemporary to elegantly styled transitional home furnishings.

                 Marge Carson Design Folio Collection...comfort ENHANCED!  

       Upholstered dining chairs.... perfectly detailed with brass nail head trim!

                                  The Mohogany 'round' table seats 10....

                                      Custom Upholstery

              ...beautiful fabric, diminutive lines and the right balance of 

                                          down   -   feathers   -    foam

                                              ALWAYS a winner!!

                                  Did you forget about your...L A U N D R Y     R O O M?

                                                            Have a little FUN!

 There is something about laundries and their 'orderliness' that spells inner well-being for most people. Do you feel that if your towels are clean and stacked in orderly rows...somehow, the rest of the house will resonate with tranquility? Have a little FUN with the laundry room. Since the room isn't 'public' offers a good opportunity to be a little more flamboyant. The laundry room is a great place to add shelving or hang wallpaper.      

         (YES....Wallpaper is once again 'chic'...even if you don't want to admit it!)

 Being 'eclectic' in a laundry room....brings a bit of whimsy to an otherwise utilitarian & boring space.  Why would you want this?  It's FUN and brings a smile to your face when in this unsuspecting place. 


You can't go wrong when designing a 'white' laundry room.  As you enter the shouts CLEAN & PURE!  Dirty clothes need to GO!!!!    



                  Don't forget the basket organizers! 

                                   Diffuse clutter!


Patterned flooring in the laundry room makes a casual...but interesting statement. We're a room, too!!!!   The tile backsplash compliments the entire area.  Don't be remiss... include the wrapping EASY!!

Say... HELLO to C H I N O I S! 

                                                         Incorporate one special piece..or go 'all out'...

Chinoiserie is again in VOGUE for 2013.  Avian prints and pagoda shaped accents are everywhere.  If you are so 'lucky' to have a family chinoiserie heirloom...find a special place in your home for this luxe accent piece.

What makes today's chinoiserie look special and especially the degree of richness. Materials are rich, prints are intricate, carved wood details are exquisitely defined. Colors and textures are bold.  Think gold and crimson..nubby silk and high-touch velvets.

Connoisseurs first became enamored of chinoiserie in the 17th century when intercontinental trade routes opened.  Louis XV was an early proponent of the genre, weaving chinoiserie into his renovation of Versailles. 

  Gold Leaf Splendor! 

Beautifully hand crafted chinoiserie! The beveled mirror with raised gold leaf design and lacquered border, would make a splash in any room!  The deep red, rich accents of color, give the mirror exquisite appeal for any generation...     

      22" w x 33.5 h


              Romantic Style

Stenciling is a popular way to invite 'chinoiserie' into a room!  

This stenciling vine is growing from corners, winding on to upholstery and settling into niches'. The chair is upholstered with fabric which will easily accept the stencils.            

Century Furniture has imbued this Writing Desk with beautiful hand painted scrolls of chinoiserie. The dark background enhances the gold design.  It would make an unique statement in any room!

This piece of furniture is the perfect example of enhancing your home with 'chinoiserie'....character and beauty personified!!!!

FuZZy!    WuZZy!     Frankly, what's cozier than a mohair sweater or blanket?  In 2015, it isn't your grandmother's mohair anymore. Stylish shades of aubergine and midnight blue give it plenty of modern appeal! The fiber is spun with wool on a shuttle loom..then combed for a super soft feel.     CoZy!

            Thank you for reading Custom Image Interior's 2015 WINTER eNewsletter!

                                                                                    Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID