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                                                                                     "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."     

                                                                            Ronald Reagan

                           Over 30 years experience...celebrating places, spaces and  style!!

                         JOLT your decor'....with portable TABLES...

                                                                                  ...across your room!!

Tribecca - your versatile table which could be snugged in close to your

bed...or placed in the Living Room for extra storage.   The pull out 

serving tray....can be hidden when not in use!  It's all about CHANGE 


Rich and curvaceous....this espresso stained pedestal table is a wonderful accent for your transitional decor.  From top to bottom, it's style can be placed in an integral area and the raves will begin.  Place in a Living Room, Family Room, Foyer or Master Bedroom.  It's distinct look can easily add a sense of continuity to your room....gracing any type of furniture grouping.

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                    The COMEBACK Designs for 2014!
                                                                                                S a s s y      S t e n c i l i n g
                                                                           HEY, don't even think it....stenciling today is nothing like the 90's  

    Appreciation for 'handcrafted' design alternatives...all the rage in 2014.  Put a personal stamp on your favorite projects....all with 
                                                                                                                                   STENCIL DESIGN

                                                                                                                            Over Sized Florals
                                                                                                                                       Geometric Cubes
                                                                                                     Lattice Morroccan

This spectacular stenciled dresser is stunning.  Instead of an allover design,  a delicate design was chosen to balance and layer a fun color scheme and unexpected arrangement.  The layered look of the stencils on the large door is a charming effect.  A 2-layer stencil system takes stenciling to a new level.  In fact, there are many innovative and custom techniques you can accomplish with this unique stencil system.                                     



A Leopard Print can make a SPLASH in your Powder Room Sink Area!
       A young boy would LOVE this room....just enough trucks to ENJOY!

                                                             Quality Decorative Concrete Materials

                                                                                 ....everyone's talking about the innovative

                                                                                                                               NEW SURFACE 

                                           RETURNING..&.. TAKING CENTER STAGE

Elite Crete Systems is the leading manufacturer of decorative concrete related products, concrete overlay systems, stains, dyes, sealers, protective coatings and more, selling to more than 20 countries worldwide while completely dominating the U.S. market. Widely regarded as the "Architectural Concrete Overlay" industry's leading innovator, Elite Crete Systems products are specified and successfully installed on thousands of projects every year and over a millions square feet annually.  For residential and commercial applications!

     Alternative WINNER!

      Exquisite SOLUTION!

        For worn out floors

                             Turn over a 2014!! 

Decorative elements which cycle into 'vogue' periodically...tend to have strong personalities..and just won't go away!   This is true of 'Grasscloth Wallpaper'...which surfaced in the glam 1970's.  Grasscloth provides subtle impact and dimension!  It's a great backdrop for nearly every type of interior...from traditional to modern...and everything in-between.  Entering into has a gregarious personality.  You will find it enhanced with embroidery, nail heads and out of this world patterns. Using this interesting paper in small Powder Rooms or elongated Entry Halls gives immediate attention to detail. A winner!!!


A wonderful diversion from 'plain' boring walls. Patterned Grasscloth lifts the spirit in Dining Room directly off the Foyer!


This Dining Room boasts the elegant nature of plain, textured, caramel grasscloth wallpaper. The room comes 'alive' with relaxing ambiance!  As an asset...the upholstery on chairs is a natural accentuate  the architectural elements and rug! This is a subtle reminder... how richly appointed rooms bring with them  a flair for elegance and class.

  There is something about 'texture' on a wall and wainscoting!!!

              AESTHETIC!     Berman Rosetti....FURNITURE!     PURE and NATURAL DESIGN!

Known for its pure and natural design aesthetic, Berman Rosetti is a furniture brand focused on producing elegant pieces using only the best materials and the finest construction techniques. The company is focused on the creation of comfortable, luxurious furniture collections rendered with the right balance.

                                                                                      Refinement! Purity! Excellence!

As a furniture maker, Berman Rosetti thrives on balance, refinement and purity. All of the pieces they produce for residential and hospitality applications are constructed with exclusive attention to quality and design craftsmanship. Showroom is located at International Market Square, Minneapolis!

      Gorgeous 'metal finishes' for Berman Rosetti Furniture include: Platinum, Bronzed, Distressed with Blackening Process

                                        HUE GURUS....P A N T O N E!   The Color Institute! 

Every year...designer's around the globe...look to PANTONE for their 'color of the year'  go to!   This is the 'hue' which will make a statement and big SPLASH during the months ahead.  Usually, color hits the fashion scene and runway first;  then, typically it trickles down to home color environments.  What's the color for 2014?

                                                                                                                                  RADIANT ORCHID!

                                                                                                                     ...a color between fuchsia and violet...

"Using 'Radiant Orchid' as an accessory in your color scheme... is a perfect way to introduce it to your space.  Don't go overboard and use it for draperies or wallcoverings.  Flowery pinky purple....which this color is....can only be used in small doses to make it exciting and vibrant within your color scheme.  In a bathroom you could use towels of this color for an updated look....but not in the Master Bathroom.  The male in your life may cringe....if it's too predominant.  Mixing in a pillow with other patterns could be interesting....along with a floral arrangement in the orchid tone.  Just remember to keep a small scale in mind when purchasing.   No....don't even think about it for painted walls!!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID

                 Revolutionary!  Wall SKINS!
              Perfect for small areas as accent!
  Fast!  Easy!  No Long Term Commitment!

Scale up or down to create a fabulous look..either styling one wall or backsplash!
       Make a Statement in 1 HOUR!

Peel & Stick Wallpaper WallSkins can be easily removed and reapplied 100's of times..and they won't lose their stick. Can be ordered in 2'w x 8' high seamless strips.

                         If you're moving...reapply..

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                         Super GIRLY of an era...gone bye bye... 

                  Primping stations of old...most assuredly leave you 'cold'. Let's go MODERN with a simply designed desk and artfully mismatched mirror!

                                                                 Leave the silk robed starlet behind...and her perfume mist, too!


                                           Art Deco...Well Dressed Corner 

This unique desk and small embossed mirror gives an elegance to  the otherwise simplistic bedroom corner...and the lady of the house is surrounded by a charming area to pamper herself day & night!


Triple sided vanity mirrors are not only a multi dimensional item of furniture but also provide a three way view for a better dressing experience.

Pairing a standing mirror with a desk/table to create a 'vanity' is hardly a new idea.  In fact, it's how the earliest designs were constructed.  It wasn't until the early 1730's that mirrors were built into dressing tables.

Mixing and Matching

Mixing Modern and matching with Antique pieces is all the rage. There are really no rules in 2014. It's like fashion...a little new and a little old...makes the experience interesting and easy on the eye!

               Let's go to FINISHING school....

                                 Molding  Greatness

The unsung heroes of traditional home the beautiful moldings which frame the room and give the overall appearance of GREATNESS. Using moldings in the right places..elevates a single room from 'simple' to 'dignified' with effective results..

Trim and Molding are jewelry for your home. These unusual shaped pieces of wood or vinyl give basic walls a finishing look. Trim and molding can make a powerful statement and create focal points, transforming each room!  Find inspiration from molding and trim ideas. Discover how it changes your room from ordinary to WOW in just a few hours....

                                                                                    Experiment with LAYERING!

                                                       Visually HEIGHTEN your Ceiling!

                                                                                             Quietly ELABORATE!

                                                                                 ALL WITH MOLDING!

Flexible Molding enables your installer to easily create molding radius to accommodate the curvature of almost any application. Thanks to the flexibility of this molding, it is now possible to decorate rounded walls and ceilings elegantly. Flexible crown and wall molding can be finished using the same methods as with the normal polyurethane molding. Flexible molding is a unique concept for the fast growing interior design 'decoration' market...
                                                   The easiest way for you to get...

                                                        G R E A T      C U
R V E S!
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