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                      PROTECTING YOUR PRIZED POSESSIONS in 2014.........Why do you need Window Film ??

Window Film protects both you and your interiors from the damaging effects of the sun. With the ever-increasing  breakdown of our ozone layer, dermatologists warn against over exposure to the sun. Window Film helps combat the problems of fading, glare, and high energy costs.  Polarized sunglasses protect the eyes, sun block protects the skin, and window film protects your home or office.

     Increase life of furniture, artwork, flooring, & window treatments...while maintaining the your natural space..                             Set the stage...and let us come into your home or office and FILM!

                        Contact Custom Image Interiors for WINDOW FILM RESULTS!

                Protecting your possessions with sun control film
                                                       S M A R T!!!

Residential Window Tint  adds sun control without sacrificing your views.  Sun Control Window Films are designed to decrease glare & hot spots while providing energy savings and UV protection.   Reduce fading and add a valuable layer of protection to your home....all while maintaining the natural appearance of your windows.

                                                                         Does your kitchen work like a dream? 

A kitchen with a definite focal point...such as a built in display cabinet... is classy and practical.  Adding spice drawers to hold napkins or small utensils such as cork another great idea.  FORGET about the living room...the kitchen can be the social hub of the home.  Homeowners want their kitchens to be functional...but attractive within the environment of their home and reflect their personalities.  A kitchen that has all of this is in need of one thing..SMART STORAGE!!   Having storage to 'hide' or 'display' will reflect your individual organization skills. 

                                                                                                             !!! O R G A N I Z E!!!

Unique and creative storage solutions are always in vogue.  The Kitchen Storage Solutions  and Kitchen Organizers section at  'Organize It' has kitchen organizers and kitchen storage items to make life in the kitchen easier. Here you will find a well rounded selection of practical, convenient, and unique kitchen organizers and kitchen storage solutions..such as  food storage containers, pull-out storage, trash cans, spice organizers, fine china storage, kitchen cabinet storage, drawer organizers, and much more.

                             Convenient!       ORGANIZED!        Practical! 

A Material World...The TOUCH...The FEEL...

                        It's all about the FABRIC!!! 

Whether it's a heavier duchess satin..or silk tulle..choosing fabrics for your home can be painstakingly boring..unless you have a vision for the room you're restyling.  Silk draperies embellished with a gorgeous roped trim with beads could be a welcoming way to greet your overnight guests in your guestroom.  For your master bedroom..perhaps you want to use a silk dupioni.  It's a lustrous fabric which is crisp to the touch and great for soft, free flowing panels. Silk is the revered fabric.  Prized for its luster, draping abilities and feel of hand....

Always search for a fabric which reflects your personality.  Perhaps.. choose inspiration from your own closet.  What colors do you prefer..and what types of fabrics excite you.  Are you traditional or modern?


 "Since I began my interior design business in 1983...I've had a preference when designing for my clients... unique tie back drapery panels.  They are soft..elegant..and interesting.  Mixing the treatments with silk tassels and beautiful hardware  will  give an out of the ordinary statement  for any room.   Enhance your exquisite architecture!!!  Frame your windows with the ultimate enhancement....FABRIC!"

                                                                                                                                                                                            Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID                                                                                                                                                                                                              

      The art of....Transforming a mundane SPACE into a WONDERLAND!

                                                    Coordinating your upholstery with matching wallpaper is an old 2014!!


I can hear all of you now....."NO"!!   For many.....your rooms covered in wall to wall....or couch to drapery paisley or toile'....may induce a sudden case of vertigo.  But...STOP....the effect could be amazingly 'serene'.  It depends on the pattern which is chosen. If you're not ready to take this design plunge into a large interior space in your home, begin with a Powder Room or small Sitting Room.

                                                        Let the MAGIC begin...    NOW!

                   Pre-Teen Girl's Room.....MAGICAL Floral! 

This room wouldn't be the same without the wall design. Matching the comforter fabric to the wallpaper....brings FUN into this alcove, interesting upper level room.  Perfect for your daughter's hide-a-way!

Making a Guest Room 'inviting' is always a challenge.  This adjacent Sitting Room... mixes matching wallpaper and fabric for an idea which will always feel 'welcoming'.  Covering the shade with a coordinate wallpaper brings everything together and embraces the space..                                           



This artistic Master Bedroom is a glorious example  of a room's environment when choosing wallpaper and a hint of matching fabric. The color hue was chosen to give a bit of style to the otherwise ordinary suite.  The matching theme brings comfort whenever you enter the room....a perfect combination!

                              !!!Summer     SHUTTER    Sale!!! 


                                                              Plantation Shutters are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of environments! 

Individual plantation shutter panels can fit a window span between 8 and 36 inches. Interior shutter panels are connected to make units to fit the window. The number of panels used depends on the width of the window. As a rule of thumb, we suggest dividing the shutter unit the same way your window is divided. So, if your opening is divided into three equal vertical sections, use three plantation shutters across. Or, if your window is not divided into sections... use as few panels as allowable... for uncluttered affect on your window....


Shutters with 'Louvre Mover' are elegant and CLEAN!  There isn't a

tilt bar to clutter the look of shutter!  Mechanism is hidden for GOOD!!


            Contact Custom Image Interiors for all 'shutter' information! 


Shutters paired with interesting fabric window treatments gives your room a soft, elegant appearance.   This lovely silk copper hued fabric enhances the burnt umber walls and adds a touch of class.

                                 UN-COLOR    your W O R L D?

Do you want to live in a ghostly room...WHITE....or is this too extreme?   When planning to  design with white or discover color.....don't stop with the wall color.  You can introduce color in fabrics, rugs and furniture.  Living in a CLOUD can be attractive when product is chosen wisely......or  popular color hues can compliment each other and control the room. White can be a stark, brave, mono-colored contemporary statement...but it requires a leap of faith...and you have to decide how to blend everything within the room's environment.....down to the simplest make it click!   Color, on the other hand, can  be diverse and edgy.  The WOW factor will definitely invite you in!


White CABINETRY is a 2014  modern can be inviting in a contemporary setting and rule your world in a positive seen in this kitchen ...with all products placed in perfect alignment....

               Let there be WHITE!

Color in this Sitting Room is bold and beautiful and introduces a bit of whimsy!  The contrast and abundance of pattern.....brings style into your home with ultimate coloration choices...placed perfectly for effect!   As you enter this room....the WOW sure to please!                            


                          BASKETS!             B I G        BASKETS!



                                        Sculptural woven bins with 'lids' are ideal for stashing laundry, winter blankets or a whole lot of EVERYTHING!!

Handmade in Africa using traditional techniques and an amazing amount of artistry, these baskets are woven of straw and wool!

Traditional hand weaving techniques  create these baskets from cattails and recycled plastic, making each one subtly unique..

This Woven Basket stands 16.5"'s ready for an array of items!    Perfect for hiding an afghan or lap robe!

Breathtaking antique basket... has a rounded form and hinged lid.  Artisans weave each one by hand, using two sizes of rattan to create a distinctive banded pattern.  An accent statement!!

                                        !!!NOW you have the POWER  to change LIGHT!!!

Think how your mood changes when a glaring 'summer' afternoon melts into a soothing sunset...or a rainy morning becomes a sun-soaked afternoon.  The secret is LIGHT!   It has the power to change not just what you see...but how you feel. With your individual choice of the correct 'window shade' can master light, shape it and control it!!  Together with light and airy window treatments..your environment will look 2014.  The increasing use of natural fibers..speaks to the popularity of a clean and tailored window....complimenting any room with simplicity!

                                                                                                USE IT AS YOUR MOST VERSATILE AND VALUABLE DECORATING TOOL!!

                                                                     Create a peaceful and calming atmosphere for your surroundings.        Practicality is the best CHOICE!

                                                                                                    -Turn a south-facing beach house into a cool, private retreat..

                                                                              -Convert a brightly lit den into a sleep welcoming guest room..

                                                                                                                                     Endless Possibilities!!!

This custom Roman Shade fits a French Door perfectly.  Fabricated in 'Duponi Silk'..the shade fabric and soft feel, reflects the character of the traditional home design, which has accents of opulent molding throughout.

Often.. beautiful architecturally designed windows are difficult to treat...based on configuration and angles. These handcrafted shades are  custom designed with a textured fabric...which lends itself to the casual atmosphere of the 'home office'...  When NO GLARE is needed...a custom shade is the perfect solution!


                                             SNUG & PRIVATE!

Versatile 'Top Down- Bottom Up' pleated shades are protecting the harmful rays from entering this lower level  Family Room...which can degrade your prized possessions.

                                       - Bring light in from the 'top'...while maintaining privacy!

                                 -Demand solutions which are both light controlling & light diffusing.

                                            Little luxuries...small scale...big style!

2014 TREND!!!  The VELVET trend is still on the rise!  Soft, sumptuous fabrics are being used in the interior environment more and more.  Velvets add warmth, depth and dimension to cool, flat natural fibers.  Use velvet on upholstery  or bed coverings.  The look and feel is out of this world...



                                                                     Looking inside.....International Market Square ....Minneapolis 

                                                        Fly Mobili Collection

 Fly  Mobili is current...yet warm.  Modern sensibility is combined with Old World techniques to produce clean, fluid shapes that are elegant and urban. Made with premium cherry wood, Fly is fully customizable with a dozen wood finish options from soft white to deep brown and more than 40 wall compositions. Smoke finished steel pulls such as the "cat's tongue" provide a finishing touch. 

DECORATI COLLECTION...includes styles which range from traditional  to sustainable.  Artitalia Group represents the most excellent of Italian Artisans and their work...


                                             The Artitalia Group...

                                                      featured at 

                                   DESIGN PROFESSIONALS

                                             International Market Square                                                                                                                                                    

                                          Decorati Collection

Includes Artisan hand-painted pieces. The Decorati collection celebrates the traditional painting techniques shared by Renaissance and Baroque artists in Italy. As art goes, no two pieces of Decorati furniture are exactly alike. Delicately painted and structured from tilia, and ash woods, there are over 40 finishes to select from, including any of your own.


                                           CURTAINS....just got some VA-VA-VOOM!!!!! 

Inspired by fashion trends..2014 windows are wearing sheer, billowy layers.  Interior designers look for inspiration in women's fashions....specifically wispy, sheer blouses and pullovers...which are layered over camisoles and tank tops. The result is a layered, see-through window treatment.  If you need privacy or sun ray control,  part of the layered look would be a shade..which could be fabricated in a variety of fabrics available...and the layering begins!

-Translucent, softly layered window treatments are showing up in urban and suburban homes as an alternative.  These neutral toned window treatments feature clean lines and NO FRILLS....which means ...don't become wrapped up in puddles, swags, jabots or decorative, heavy valances.

-The layered look has evolved alongside a broad trend in home design toward emphasizing windows.

-Using 'window film' and light, soft fabrics can not only cut down on window glare, but bring simplicity to a window treatment.

-Don't skimp on the selection of fabric nor the amount of fabric you have fabricated.  Fullness reigns!

             SHEER DELIGHT!

Don't forget the seating space by the pool!!  Filtering light with sheer panels..while you enjoy the out-of-doors, creates ambiance and provides subtle drama...


                  SOLAR SHADE! 

                 SHEER PANELS!

In this 'contemporary condo', the window was layered with triple shades and sheer panels.  The interesting patterned fabric , brings a modernistic flair to the small space, while allowing the 'light' to shine through...

                                             LIGHT!    AIRY!   MAGICAL!

Sheer panels of fine linen...billowing in the breeze !  This room has  natural ease...and soothes the spirit.   The linen filters the 'light' and makes the room usable 'any time of day'.  The wrought iron rods, which control the panels,  are a perfect solution for day or night entertaining.

Using all  natural tones in the the space  a tranquil feel and doesn't overpower the exquisite architecture elements.

         Thank you for reading Custom Image Interior's SUMMER 2014 eNEWSLETTER! 

                                                                                                                                                                 Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID

                                                                                                                                                                 Principal Designer, Custom Image Interiors