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                                          "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it... is like wrapping a present and not giving it"   William Arthur Ward


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                                Function = HARMONY!!

"Functionality is the basis of any workable design.  The placement of the rooms and how well they connect to each other, will make a floor plan flow properly. Inconveniences can 'get to you' after awhile.  Living with the 'flaws' day by day can be emotional 'triggers'...producing a subtle annoyance every time the space or product is used.   Functionality, in a well thought out project... drives all other decisions."

                                                                                                                                             Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID 

       Let the good times roll..BAR CART..never forgotten!!

Attractive and functional, this three-level bar cart table offers a sophisticated look. The shelves are made of clear glass while the base is finished in antique bronze. Mini casters let you take it with you. 

All products featured are available through Custom Image Interiors         612-384-7718

We are starting to develop a small obsession for bar carts once again in 2013.  Why? There's something so hospitable and, dare we say...grown up... about having a drink cart on hand. 

Perhaps we're just hoping to channel some of the chic elegance of Mad Men.

Having a bar cart in your Living Room...doesn't mean you have to park it with bottles.  You can display pretty glasses...or place a favorite 'vase' with colorful flowers on top.  Pull it out of the closet...dust it off...and ENJOY!

Crafted from vintage steel with polished aged brass accents, this antique machinist bar cart,  is an attractive storage option for your home bar or kitchen.  The wheeled cart features a side rail for bar towels, one drawer to store your mix of flatwear, and a lower shelf for bottles and extra glassware. Showcase your best decanters and glassware on the top shelf!  This cart is a fun accent for any room!


            NEW in 2013...Your  P e r s o n a l  Shopper...rare finds!


                           Charleston Forge

                               Studio Wine Rack


                                     CLEAN!   SIMPLE!   TALL!   STRONG!

                                                  38" W x 5 1/4" D x 72" H

Whether you're showing off your favorite collectibles or wines of choice, this unique shelving system gives your room height and space.   Crafted in metal with several finish options, this rack  will give you an interesting one-of-a-kind  accent piece for years to come.  An attractive solution for that niche' corner...a definite 'rare find' accessory.

                             Retail $1695       Custom Image Interiors  $1450


       ACCENT... Floating Elegantly in Bedroom or Bathroom!!


                      Forged Iron Towel or Quilt Rack

                                        With Brass Detail



                                    38" W x 14" D x 38" H

           Retail $1305          Custom Image Interiors   $1025

                              Custom Image Interiors 


               ARTISTRY .....beyond any other! 

                                      N o u v e a u

The art deco ceramic vases featured... are the work of Tim Axtman, a renowned potter, who has exhibited his work in several galleries throughout the Midwest.  His art nouveau vases are available through the Art Resource Gallery at International Market Square in Minneapolis.  They are shipped all over the world. These unusual ceramic pieces will bring interest to any room and can stand alone...a one of a kind treasure.    

Much of Axtman’s inspiration comes from the Arts and Crafts movement and the Art Deco period.  He takes great care in the gracefulness of the lines, simplicity of the pieces, and the finishes used in the creation of his nouveau art vases. The end result is pure, earthy and exquisitely presented creations!

                          Available through Custom Image Interiors

             The WONDERful World of CORDLESS SHADES

 What do we mean when we say "'s what you don't see"?  With Cordless ONE Controls™ you will never see a tangled pull cord... you will never see a knotted cord cleat ... and  you will never see an unsightly cord tension bracket fastened to the wall...with this new innovation.   

                                   AVAILABLE on all of Horizon FABRIC and NATURAL WOVEN ROMAN SHADES IN 2013 

                                         No Cost Option SALE for CORDLESS until May 15, 2013....a $100 Saving!





"Frequently, I specify Natural Woven Shades for my clients.  Now, with the NEW Cordless options, I will bring the innovative changes into their interior environment with this Horizon Shade choice."

         Cordless Options



           -CLUTTER F R E E

Using your favorite fabric and the CORDLESS option for this Roman Shade...marries both and becomes a PERFECT solution for your special room!

                                 Inside.... International Market Square...Minneapolis 

                                                                    The Upper Midwest's Premier Design Center

Throughout International Market Square, you will find the area's largest collection of traditional and contemporary furnishings for your interior.  Over 70 showrooms feature an extensive selection of fine furniture, fabrics, flooring, accessories, lighting, wall art, kitchen and bath products and home theater innovative options.

                            Shipping designer specified products all over the world!

                          Woven Arts

                                                                        Let your imagination soar...when choosing that special  

                                                                                                       RUG DESIGN!

                   Decorativehand-wovencontemporary, modern, and traditional area rugs and carpets can be found at WOVEN ARTS in IMS.

The creation of a Woven Arts RUG involves the master weaver's use of inventive colors and unusual textures and finest materials, in highly sought after designs. The company's meticulous buying process couples modern fashion with old world construction techniques.

The showroom offers high end brand names alongside Woven Arts' popular private label. Furthermore, Woven Arts offers a customization program, which empowers designers and clients to create their own original works of art and self expression.

        Aesthetically enhance your home or commercial setting. Select a beautiful woven art today that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

 Your RUGS...with your personality in mind!  Remember WOVEN ARTS!


          STAGING through Custom Image Interiors

Okay...don't panic...selling your home can be your once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance your net worth. Generally, buyers look at 'as is' properties which need work...and say I'll it's worth making strategic changes before enlisting a Real Estate agent for your property. These worthwhile changes spell M O N E Y!             

                   Please view this 'Staging' link...for more details!



                                        Skin...the METAL way!        

Like the look of metal...on walls, doors, counter tops?  Recently, in the marketplace for 2013, Custom Image Interiors was introduced to the new porcelain product..OXIDE..which is used to skin large surfaces with a metallic look alike metal...for home or office applications.  It is manufactured in seven colors, ranging from light to dark, all with metallic effects which are high end weathered pieces resembling natural elements...such as copper, stainless steel, bronze. The large scale panels(3' x 9')are available through Custom Image Interiors for your next home or office project!  Your environment can be updated quickly. NEW surface applications will give your home a fabulous NEW look!

                                 CREATE........your.......CUSTOMized RUG!!

                                    It's  Magical!

Clients are opting to create their own personal RUGS!  Oriental rugs can be expensive and a lifetime investment.  You may want to change color or choosing a broadloom carpet is the answer.  A custom rug, fabricated from your favorite you many options for color, design and the PERFECT size for your room.  

   Size?  Whatever your space needs!

  Pattern- Plain-Modern-Traditional     

              1000's of Designs______

Choosing the right color palette and design is EASY with so many 


         Color?  Whatever your  heart desires!


Flooring is the cornerstone of any design scheme. Once you decide on the carpeting or rug, then the wall color, window treatment, fabrics and furnishings can fall into place. Flooring is also an integral ingredient in setting the style of a room. Choose an animal print, like Bagira from the Shalimar collection, for an exotic, sophisticated look; or La Jolla from the California collection for a contemporary and comfortable look. What’s on the floor—whether it’s a solid color or an elaborate pattern—will create the mood for an entire space.

Pattern is an important consideration when choosing a carpet and there are many reasons to give it special attention. Practically speaking, it can hide a multitude of spills, spots and wear. Even a subtle pattern, created by varying textures for example, will help to conceal blemishes. Pattern adds detail to a room, whether it’s geometric, floral or a simple check. 

  S  P  R  I  N  G...into OUTDOOR LIVING in 2013... 

        The GRAND TRAVERSE COLLECTION by Lloyd Flanders

The embodiment of traditional styling..the Grand Traverse Collection is reminiscent of old wicker, produced in today's technology...with an exclusive vinyl woven strand.  Presented in caramel or bisque, with multiple fabrics to choose from.  Options for table size is available.






Your personal outdoor lifestyle will come alive with this traditional wrought iron collection with ultra plush cushions that allow you to melt right into the furniture. Comfort is the name of the game and so is selection as you choose from eight radiant finishes and an exceptional selection of 43 weather resistant fabrics. A unique classic design adorned with beautiful curved iron and created by 3rd generation blacksmiths... make the Terrace Cushion collection an exceptional grouping.  

                                                                                                                       All available through Custom Image Interiors

FYI recently enhanced its FREE repair help feature. For homeowners who are overcome by faulty appliance problems or outdoor power equipment failures...and don't know where to turn...go to this link which offers repair service advice.  It can access over 1 million parts and accessories for 150 brands of appliances or power tools.   

   Thank you for reading the SPRING 2013 Custom Image Interiors eNEWSLETTER!!