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 I N D O O R     L I G H T I N G!!!             O U T D O O R    L I G H T I N G!!!


                     Special of the Month 


       'L i g h t    u p    y o u r    L i f e'

              With innovative and classic lighting

                  ... for your home or office

 Often times... good interior design counts on a certain kind of sleight-of-hand!  The very best job... is the one you don't notice... because it doesn't call attention to itself. 

Good lighting, in a home or business, is one of those things that's invisible - if it's done well. You only notice the lighting of a room if it's too bright or too dim, not if it's just right. Our goal in offering 'Lighting' is to give you some concrete advice on how to light a room so effectively that no one notices whether you're using florescent or incandescent lights, track lighting or standing lamps. They'll notice only that the room feels comfortable, and that they want to come back again.




                      Luxury at an affordable price!   

Placing this  Terrene Bronze 1-light sconce  on each side of your fireplace,  would be a perfect compliment for any room.  When lit, the Piascra Glass gives off a natural glow!

                          12.25" w x 15" h 



Elegance begins when you open the entry door and step into the lighted foyer area displaying this 9-light masterpiece.  With its wrought iron baroque scrolls and Florencian Bronze finish,  it enhances your transitional space beautifully.  It's diameter is 31", length 36.5".  




A Sterling Walnut Ceiling Fan in your home raises the ceiling to new heights..because of it's savvy style and excellent craftsmanship.