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                   Creating a JOYOUS Christmas Environment for YOU                                                         

                               Your CHOICE!   Opulent or Simple! 

           Discover the SECRETS to Holiday Decorating!

Looking to earth and sky for inspiration!  Shaping layers and recognizing  how to transform your home into something NEW for the season of CHRISTMAS.... is at the forefront.   Many ideas can bring 'warmth' to your home for family and holiday entertaining.  

Hanging this triple wreath in a special area of your home will bring endless accoulades. It brings the season 'in' to a corner of your life! Recreating the design will enhance any space....




                      Very Berry Vertical 

Many 2014 designs have oval vertical shapes. Copy the lines of the door design to update your front entry. Using berries, boxwood and a center intregal flower....enhances the flowing swag!   Nothing greets guests with a warm welcome like an interesting front door embellishment.



                                         Rustic RAVES!

Walking to this front entry... gives your guests a sense of excitement and celebration...before the party begins!  This stunning design is certain to welcome you in a grand way....

Gathering natural greenery, pinecones and twigs ....wrapping with opulent bows....brings the holiday season to life.    Cost effective...but makes a BIG statement!!



Immediately as your guests enter your home, the foyer says WELCOME!  The fresh floral arrangement, along with the boxwood framed mirror and European antique ivory reindeer....greet your family and friends with holiday warmth. It's time to celebrate

            C H R I S T M A S    2014

                                             ARCHITECTURE...Christmas BEAUTY!

Using clusters of silk or dried roses, gold tinted spheres and posh greenery only make this tree unique..and one of a enjoy during this Christmas season. 





Place your tree...fresh or artificial... in a stand...and Custom Image Interiors will do the rest.  We'll strategically place the lights and adorn the tree to your specifications.  Color and style is your decision...

         Simply...adding candles to a mantel!!!             

                                        CLASSIC REVIVAL! 

                                                            The TREE! 

                                                      A showpiece in your 

                                             'Home   for   the   Holidays'!  

It's the natural place to share your heirloom or vintage works of art. Adding special 2013 ornaments...can be a wonderful option.  The design process begins with your



 Silk Ribbons! 









Perfectly  Natural

Celebrate the winter season with a nature inspired Christmas tree.  Mix in a variety of pine cones, dried oak leaves and birds throughout the branches. Adding a few metallic elements adds interest and sparkle.  Nothing is impossible...


Trimming a tree with your special and unique ornaments... along with ribbon and additional 'new' classic adornments...makes your tree a stunning 2014  masterpiece and focal point...

                    4 HOURS?     6 HOURS?     8 HOURS?.....YOUR CHOICE!

COMPLETE your holiday shopping......while your interior is decorated this season!

                                                                     We'll use your treasured decorations or add new

                                                                             31 Years experience in Interior Design

                                                                           4..6..8 hour design sessions. Your Choice!

                                                                                             References available

                                                                                    Major Credit Cards Accepted

Holiday floral arrangements and seasonal decor create a magical and elegant transformation  in your home.  We can create an atmosphere which will lift your spirits throughout the holidays....and beyond!  Call 952-583-5015 or 612-384-7718 for information and pricing.

     Handcrafted bows, garland, swags and a variety of fresh or silk greenery will bring elegance to every room.


           Custom Image Interiors ....for all of your holiday decorating!!!


                                                                                                      H o t   C o l o r for Christmas 2014
According to the 'TREND CURVE' -the international authority on color and design trends in home furnishings- the trend is incorporating GOLD into the decor.    
When The Trend Curve first forecast a return to gold about 2 years ago, silver  still dominated both metals and metallic finishes. Now that the shift in preference from cool to warm metallics is more apparent, the market is not only taking notice of gold, but also creating and highlighting many more gold products. 

                        Elegant Choice!

Beautiful METALICS are  still popular in silver, but in 2013 it's all about GOLD. Transform your tree into the focal point of your holiday decorating.  Also, your mantel is always ready for coordinating METALICS.  Mixing GOLD with coming into vogue for 2013 Holidays. ... TRY IT!!







                                                                                                                                 BLING & LAYERS

Thinking of entertaining? BLING & LAYERS! You don't have to invest in expensive china or linens to put your guests in a celebratory mood. You can get creative with a few adornments...only left to the imagination! Get out your plain, neutral plates to set the groundwork for your masterpiece.....the foundation for your festive holiday table. Add a complimentary salad plate....preferably with a design or dash of color. Follow with an individual floral arrangement to set the tone....made with twigs of greenery and berries...and topped off with a beautiful red rose.

                                                Traditional colors are still popular this year... 2014! 

                                                    ....and will never go out of style!

Placing holiday decorations on your stairway doesn't have to be fussy or full of glitz.  This perfect swag with lemon leaves and silk ribbon offer the glamour without the cost.  This creative swag takes your home to a new level with understated elegance.



Holidays can be a challenging time for interior designers.  We want to give our clients the best possible product...along with our design create our most original designs in a short period of time. We design for the holidays during a three week  November -December time frame.

It's not too early to schedule your time for the holiday decorating in you home.


We'll give you the inspiration you need to get the holiday season up and moving...let's plan early and enjoy the holiday season from beginning to end.



Bring out your heirloom tree decorations...and we'll embellish the tree with additional ribbons and berries.  Also, coordinating other decorations in the room, will give your holiday decorating a designer touch!

 A simple cinnamon stick arrangement on a side table adds interest to any corner.  Easy to do...with a simple glass container, cinnamon sticks...ribbon and greenery. A votive candle slipped inside completes it.


Savvy design detail adds interest to this holiday topiary. It can sit alone by a fireplace or welcome your guests in the entryway.  A perfect it captures timelessness with the aged Italian terra-cotta urn.


A simple fresh greenery swag can be the focal point of your room.   The ribbon is 100% silk with a vintage flair...and two different designs are paired to make the bows elegant! 

Double Doors can be difficult to decorate, but with these elongated, pear swags, it's a perfect solution!  The fresh greenery and silk bows...along with artificial fruit...make the entry a showcase!!

The glorious excitement of the holiday season...begins HERE!

Using copper silk ribbon and silk poinsettias brings intrigue to this mantel swag.  The colors chosen, enhance the owner's decor and  the holiday celebration begins...COPPER is always an elegant touch!

                                                             ...if you wish


                                                Contemporary Twist!

Using compressed boxwood for this modern home...with limited ribbon and you an elegant...but not too heavy decorating theme!   The wired, silk ribbon trails down the staircase in a natural bows allowed!!


                          Create a Stunning Centerpiece

Create an elegant Christmas centerpiece with red roses surrounded by white tallow berries in silver vases made to resemble birch bark. Tuck pieces of boxwood garland and sprigs of berries around the base of the vases; add votives to finish the exquisite, but natural design.


                                                                          Stack Evergreen Wreaths

                                                                                     ...great idea....who would think about this?

Stack three small evergreen wreaths for an elongated design. This adds visual impact to a traditional front door Christmas decor. Tie the wreaths together with wire so they appear to be connected. Finish off with fresh pine cones and large, wired ribbon bow.  Give your front entry the 'wow' 2013 impact it deserves!


Surrounding your holiday adornments with lighting....makes every room sparkle.  Lighting is an integral element to any Christmas decor!

        Custom Image Interiors      2014      'Home for the Holidays'