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             "It's never too late to be what you might have been..." George Eliot


Pillows!    Inside IMS!    New Furniture Trends!   Floral Arrangements!   Home Office!

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                        PILLOWS.....your accent.....DREAM! 

Custom Image Interior's meticulous attention to detail, makes these pillows stand out....not your ordinary 'pillow'.  Our fabrics are selected from today's hottest color hue ensembles. We create pillows and add our signature twist of color... or that unexpected detail ...that makes ours exceptional.   Every fabric selected coordinates with any color palette... so your room will look fabulous with this small accent piece. Who knew turning out a gorgeous room could be so easy?


                                                                                               Nothing is impossible!



These are particularly attractive in a 'sun room' setting!  Bring the out doors 'in'!!




Bright accent pillows accented in gold foil...  mix and match effortlessly to bring new light to any space in need of a little shine!




Over the TOP!!


        Go Ahead....Make a STATEMENT!


  For your  'Boudoir'

                            ....or just YOU!!!

         Marie Antoinette Feathery Pillow!



Choose your color palette...then...add the PILLOWS!  A sensational accent which is always in very low cost!

    Florals! Stripes! Solids!                             


Embellishments you choose for your pillows...make them custom or ordinary.  Tassels  or silk cord are a great way to make YOUR pillow stand out !!!

          Remember... you can transform any room in an instant with PILLOWS!
About BONA ...the recommended WOOD FLOOR CLEANER!  Bona's hardwood floor cleaner systems have been successful for over 90 years.   Their consumer products are available in most retail outlets in USA.  Bona US is the North America subsidiary of Bona AB in Malmo, Sweden. Bona floor care products are GREENGUARD  Indoor Air Quality Certified and School and Children Certified...the 'safe' solution for your flooring needs.



At the High Point Furniture gala recently, Stanley Furniture introduced Archipelago. The 'collections' use of a graphic arc-motif was inspired by the bold style of Pacific Rim.  The Carribean touch is evident through the application of woven natural  fibers and peeled cane.  Walnut tops include a rich burl inlay on the top of tables and dressers.  This draws attention to the inherent beauty of the wood grain.  


                                                          ....and additional COLLECTIONS!!! 

                   The Classic Portfolio European Cottage

Beyond its gracious aura of refinement, it is the details found in European Cottage that ultimately give it distinction. Flowing, serpentine fronts are just one of the many signature touches that make it approachable. Tapered legs and gently curved, fluted feet lend another element of personality to individual pieces, while score-lined tops harken back to antique plank top dressers.



                                    Hudson Street

Vibrant and metropolitan, with a self-assured elegance, Hudson Street captures classic American culture.  Grounded in mid 20th century design, the moderately scaled collection features simple silhouettes designed for urban lifestyles. With an air of confidence and a casual touch of glamour Hudson Street appeal of those with a sophisticated lifestyle and a heightened sense of style.  The dark espresso and warm cocoa finishes with light distressing accentuate the striking walnut veneer and maple solids.  Clean, straightforward lines, softened by graceful ovals, recall the simple sophistication of the 1930s, '40s and '50s. Curved fronts, gently splayed legs, beaded details and custom hardware appeal to style-savvy consumers who appreciate flawless design without cumbersome adornments.

                                                              All products available through Custom Image Interiors....612-384-7718

Eco-Evolution!  Although environmental sustainability has evolved to become 'standard' in the design industry...suppliers of interior products are making it easier than ever to go GREEN.  High efficiency showerheads and toilets are the norm and can be easily installed or retrofitted for your home.  Recycling  has become even easier with compactors that can silently 'crush' your cans in small kitchen spaces.  Motion sensor faucets and lighting have  become more sophisticated and design savvy, helping to save both water and energy.   

          Beautiful Floral Arrangements....FOR ANY OCCASION! 


        WOW your party guests with an 'ice' centerpiece...  
                                    The wonderful gift of

A homemade ice centerpiece is a simple way to add beauty and an unexpected twist to table settings for holidays and special events. It is easy to make and you can customize it to suit the occasion.

-Prepare milk carton by cutting the top down by approximately 3"
-Fill  carton  with water within 3" of top
-Place  unopened soup can in center
-Tear carton from ice and remove can with a little water
-Fill cavity from can with 1/2  water and place flowers inside 
-Place ice vase on plate, lined with decorative napkin to catch melting

    Before ice vase in freezer...30 minutes ahead, assemble!


      French   Spiral   Bouquet!

This spiral bouquet is the perfect arrangement for any type of entertaining!  You can build a 'spiral' by gathering your favorite flowers, mixing them and grasping them in one hand until they look the correct fullness, distribution, dimension and height.  Cut the stems at bottom across evenly and place in your favorite vase.  Easy!

                                              Hey, BUD, this vase is for YOU!!!

In the right vessel....even a common 'stem' can look spectacular.  Try placing simple flowers in a glass decanter...or abundant blooms in a tall, apothecary cylinder.   Let the bloom and bowl steal the show.  It is 'ideal' to have several different shapes, sizes and heights to accommodate different arrangements.

      Small, hand-tied posies, sit beautifully in elegant tea cups from long ago..


             Fresh Influence!

               Elegant!    Simple!


EXTRAVAGANT BOUQUETS!!!    King Louis XIV's mistress, Madame de Montespan, preferred her flowers arranged in sumptuous 'silver' baskets and placed on the floor throughout the Palace of Versailles...fresh every day!!!!


 Sculpted Flower!  A simplistic, large  'porcelain' flower makes an elegant centerpiece.  Additionally, enhance it with elaborate china, crystal...and candles!!

          Inspiration through candles and flowers!      




You can usually find these beautiful tulips at your florist...waiting for you to bring 'Spring' into your home...anytime!




 There is something about 'tulips'....experience a 'rebirth'...and bring a room into  




                It gets no RESPECT... let's reflect on the...E N D  T A B L E !!!

Perhaps it's in the name! A 'center table' sounds commanding...a 'console table'..imposing, right? The END TABLE sounds down right afterthought. Well, the end table can be important and it is necessary. It's so important,in fact,the type of end table should be considered thoughtfully. Any old table will not wisely!

                                 How tall?    Must they match?

-Always consider height of the sofa or chair arm. The end table should not extend arm's height by more than 4".

-You don't have to match the end tables, but they need to be the same height.

-Placing a round table at one end and a rectangular or square at other, gives balance and interest.

                       When purchasing an END TABLE

                                  ...always  look  for

                Balance!         Design!        Character!

All tables featured  are antique inspired...without a whiff of stuffiness.  When choosing a table...look at the aesthetic value it brings to the room..and remember the height of table's function is to be comfortable.

                                  Touch of Class

..Metal...Wood...Glass Top...Veneer..

    ...a look inside...International Market Square...Minneapolis...

Throughout International Market Square, you'll find the area's largest collection of contemporary and traditional furnishings!

Aubry Angelo 

   ..a collection of hand knotted rugs..

                from around the world!                                                                      

Unlimited custom capabilities.    This 'kat' imported hand tied rug has beautiful muted colorations which are exquisitely presented. You could use this in 'any' room and it would be PERFECTION!


                    Woven Legends!

The hues in this mid-century like Persian, are magnificent.  It's feel is light and blankety...a delightful accent for any room.  Multiple sizes are available.

             Nature Inspired!

                   Purveyor of Fine Rugs and Carpets! 

                        Aubry Angelo

               International Market Square

             The HOME Office.....create a space...just for YOU!!!


Whether you’re crunching numbers, juggling schedules or finalizing vacation plans, here’s a range of pieces that leaves no doubt who’s the boss.....your home office!

                          Add a touch of sophistication!   Get down to BUSINESS!


      Martinique Collection

Inspired by the West Indies, the Martinique Collection is timelessly traditional yet casually elegant, rich in European heritage yet comfortable and relaxing.  These Old World-style furnishings are reminiscent of the pieces owned by European merchants and plantation owners developing the tropics during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Now, as then, natural and mixed materials are the hallmark of the collection. From lost wax casting of brass hardware to hand-wrought ironwork, woven rattan to exotic veneers, every detail exemplifies the legacy of this era.  Yet, for all of its historical significance, the Martinique Collection is perfectly suited for this century and the sophisticated casual lifestyle of today.

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