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                            C  O  L  O  R



Mother Earth once again dominates color trends.  This is very understandable..since the solace and peace that we desire... are linked in so many ways to nature.   Soothing golds... bright mixed greens... a flourish of rust....all make a statement within your decor!

Blue is in the forecast and a popular choice for 2015...only in a softer value with subtle gray incorporated into the pigment for a soothing balance.  This blue coloration is the perfect companion to ginger, deep bronze and sunflower yellow.

Patina is the softening and burnishing of metal that adds color as well as sheen to produce a mix of tones which fascinate and mesmerize our imagination.  Metal finishes heavily influence current trends, from their original hues to those they become with time. Erosion brings in greens and browns to form subtle hues...

Fashion and cosmetics are leaders in color forecasting due to the fact that those trends change quickly.  Many colors in the forecast are linked to fashion including soft pink, rich berry colors and browns influenced by plum!

Pewter or soft luster still a wonderful accompaniment to all colors.  Always remember to use it with colorful fabrics when selecting furniture.  It helps to blend all colors in your environment and soften the WOW factor....

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                   Designer One of a Kind Style

                           Make a Statement 


                    SAVVY STYLING...

Scene Stealers are evident in your room which showcases window treatments.  Inviting warm room schemes demand equally dazzling window dressings. Brilliantly hued fabrics...unusual styles.... and unexpected design elements...create the one of a kind window no other!

Creativity in fabric choice and added embellishments can bring an interesting vogue factor into your room.  

More than any other element, windows define your home's architecture.  The perfect window treatment can enhance a beautiful room's design qualities and make it 'complete'....

                                   MAKE IT 2015!!!!


 Simplicity Reigns!

Simple panels are always appealing in any room!  The fabric can be subtle as well. You can vary the pleats to make your own statement. In this setting, we've used reverse pinch pleats.



                                                                          BUILT-INS for EVERY ROOM!!

Unassuming custom built-ins are a popular solution for storing everything from book collections... to fine china. With so many styles and custom options available, it's important to consider your space and your needs before committing to built-in cabinetry and shelving units. Literally, every room can introduce custom storage....but a plan needs to be in place before adding even the smallest of cabinet storage....


                      Kitchen Storage Magic

While kitchens are typically filled with built-in cabinetry, some do a better job of meeting their users' needs than others. The luxury kitchen shown here features different styles and sizes of cabinetry to accommodate the owner's needs. A paned-glass china cabinet gives a space to artfully arrange crystal, china and collectibles, while deep drawers at the island store cookware as well as kitchen necessities. A wine cooler is placed in an 'out of the way' place....but it's functionality is present.  Along the back wall, tall built-in units with rolling library ladders offer space for less frequently used items. Plus, store special cookbooks close at hand behind the carved doors.... 

     Planning for your...
       Home Office

By their nature, home offices are often required to be multi-tasking spaces. With that in mind, the storage must be equally functional. Here, rich wood cabinetry provides an abundance of space to store books, while low base cabinets offer closed storage for files. The dark color of the built-in pieces gives a masculine, library-like feel.


                                                                           BATHROOM Pizzazz!

      It's no secret..... bath requires a ton of storage—especially when it is a shared space. This attractive custom built nook... gives the dual homeowners places to store towels and bath essentials. The glazed wood natural tone of the built-ins.... create a seamless, well-planned look. It's subtle and smart.


               Children's Guest Room

              ...just became a space all it's own...

What child wouldn't be enamored with this special room....a perfect setting.  Charming & whimsical!

This well thought out designed space is a 'small room' dream. The lit bookcase with storage possibilities.. brings the inviting night time haven...a soft, calming ambiance...

                                                                   Custom Image Interiors                                 




 PINTEREST....a link to peruse interesting recipes, design trends,                 architectural  phenomenons and world-wide destinations....

 ....all products & recipes personally selected and destinations visited....  


                          Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID

           Custom Image Interiors

  We inspire by our design at a time!

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Elegance!  Tall decorative lamps lend a nice sense of drama... such as this antique bronze ceramic  duo in a powder room on Lake Ann.  The silk shades with embellished tassel trim add interest. The lamps are permanent fixtures on the counter top..eliminating the distraction of unsightly electrical cords.                                             Light up your life in 2014 in dramatic STYLE!


Trendsetter!  Use a glass top table instead of the usual heavy wood desk for a modernistic look in your home office.   The immediate change in your room will amaze you!

                       VERSATILE Serving TRAYS + BOWLS = Elegant Entertaining!

Tray Chic!  No way should a snazzy tray like this be stored in a cabinet! This mother of pearl tray from Uttermost gives you an instant foundation for a lovely centerpiece.  Impress your guests!

                  Charming Copper! 

Displaying Old Dutch hammered copper trays can add elegance to any decor...stack them..fill them or just use as a stand alone gorgeous accent. A recent dinner party....gave a tray a purpose....creating appetizers which were irrisistable on a beautiful copper tray!

          My Personal Choice

              KOA WOOD

Koa is the best known of the endemic Hawaiian woods. It is recognized world wide for it's remarkable variety of grain configurations which range from plain to curly. The color can go from reds to chocolate browns. The grain is fine and the texture medium coarse...but it is the unique wood species that sets Koa into a class of it's own.

Measuring 21" W x 10" D x 5" H...this beautiful hand carved Koa Wood  'bowl' is a gorgeous accent piece...which would fit beautifully into any environment.  Using it as a showcase piece...or as a serving bowl for an elegant dinner party....this Koa Wood is sure to add interest to any occasion.    Masterfully finished in a fine, rich brings the grain's finest of configurations to the surface to be admired by all...



           ONE OF A KIND... GO DIGITAL!

                 Digital technology opens up NEW design options for clients...reflecting their personal vision. 

We can now customize design materials of all kinds, including fabrics, wallcoverings & flooring. The world of design is breaking down all barriers..finding precise hues and putting a personalized stamp on projects. Whether it's  branding carpet for corporate headquarters or giving our client a delicate favorite flower for an interior pillow, it's the perfect solution for any space...opening the door to communicate our client's message and identity!

                Technology enables clients to create a tangible product which is precisely what they imagined.


 Inside.... International Market Square....Minneapolis      Fabulous ART!  Unique!Charming!

 Art Resources Gallery  at International Market Square  has the largest and most unique collection of original and limited edition artwork available in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The have brought together a unique and varied group of artists to represent in their beautiful showroom .   Some of the artwork that you may select includes,  fine crafts, blown glass, original oil and acrylic paintings, textiles, sculpture, photography, mixed-media, ceramics, mosaics and much more. They carry everything from contemporary abstract paintings and sculptures to very traditional landscapes and still life compositions.  Art Resources Gallery is a full service art gallery with artwork installation options.

                                                                                Contact Custom Image Interiors for a private showing!   612-384-7718

Ming Feng

                                          Leonard Wren...

The paintings of Leonard Wren exude his sincere joy for life and for the beauty of the world around him. Finding infinite inspiration in the everyday world, Leonard paints intimate scenes with grace and eloquence. He is able to convey the subtle splendor in life often overlooked by others.  Leonard states, "It's the duty of the artist to bring out the beauty of the simplest scene."

                                         Andrew Shea...

Andrew Shea, the blown glass artist, who created the fish below says, " There are times when I am so inspired by a day's work that I can hardly wait to return to the studio the next day to see the results and begin working again. Glass is perpetual that way, each day with it, each experience with it... stimulates ideas and motivates me to work with it more."  You can see works of art such as this at the Art Resources Gallery.

                           Peter Ridabock...   

Featuring his gorgeous glass at Art Resources Gallery..Minneapolis

At the Ridabock Glassblowing Studio and Gallery in Salisbury, MA.. the ocean's presence is felt throughout.  Peter Ridabock absorbs this island-like quality of light daily and strives to incorporate it into his glass work. This eclectic vase introduces many colors and textures to make it a true work of art and a focal point for your decor.  Interesting!


                       Heidi Hoy...


Heidi Hoy's sculpture pieces are on display at Art Resources Gallery.

"My work is my visual journal. It reflects my feelings at that moment in time. Often, I am unaware of what is taking form through my hands until long after the piece is finished. Eventually, I go ah ha! That is what my pieces are all about."   Heidi Hoy




 Since his first encounter with oil colors at a very early age, his fascinating journey through art could fill many novels. Vangelis Andriotakis is an artist whose work follows a great tradition, the tradition of vision and classic excellence associated with the artists of his native island of Krete.   His florals seem so life feel as though you could walk through the garden and reach out to touch nature's soft petals.


                                          COLOR YOUR WORLD!!! 

                                                                                            ...with Paint & Fabrics... 

The color you choose for your interior walls can make a room come alive..or say "dismal".   If you want a serene look, you should find a color which compliments the entire room and doesn't fight with the furniture.  A current, trendy color is 'wisteria'... a pale tint of violet.  

In smaller rooms, such as powder rooms...painting the ceiling the same as walls, gives continuity.  Painting ceilings "white" is too stark.  Try using a light but soft brown/beige tone to compliment the wall color in larger rooms, such as living room, dining room, family room.

When you are choosing paint color, the rooms lighting affects the overall look.  Be careful to make selections in true, natural light.  In rooms with windows facing north or east, where the light coming in is "cool"...try light toned colors such as caramel and buttery shades.  In the brightest rooms facing south or west, soft shades of warm colors can play up the sunlight.

In certain situations,  painting one wall is still in vogue.  Try it!!  This condo space, with it's interesting architecture and large viewing windows, has light flooring, so the Benjamin Moore color Burnt Sienna No. 1196 brings a touch of interest and a bit of whimsy to space.

In this home office environment, Benjamin Moore's Affinity Kasbah AF-640 is a beautiful hue which compliments the millwork wainscot. It's crisp, classy and 2014! 

Benjamin Moore's Kingsport Gray...their historical color No. HC-86, compliments the beautiful wood crafted furniture in this transitional dining room. The artwork controlled the hue's palette...mixing well with the water color floral's soft shadings...

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