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                                                                      "Success comes before work - only in the dictionary"     

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Mirrowflex Structures!     Wallcoverings!     Modern Fireplaces!     Kitchen Hoods!!

                             The Elegant World of...MIRROFLEX!

                                                                                                                                       ...wake up your                                                                                                         

                                     CEILING!         Wainscoting!                     Wall!          BACK SPLASH! 

  • MirroFlex Structures are decorated thermoplastic panels which are 3-dimensional and flexible for ease of installation. 
  • Available in a variety of finishes. 
  • Made from 40% pre-consumer recycled content material. Made in the USA
  • When ordering more than a quantity of 1... product will have a Built In Overlap (BIO), making installation quick with tongue and groove construction
  • Sheet sizes of 18" x 24"  or 4' x 8' available


       Accent Wall 4' x 8' Sheets

      ...putting a  'splash of interest'  into your room...

              Finally...the end to boring...

      Innovative IDEA in the 1800's             Revisit in 2013!


                                   Install and Paint

                                Lincrusta Wallcovering

Lincrusta is the ultimate wallcovering used in some of the most presigious buildings and locations around the world since 1887.

Installations in European castles and estates was not out of the ordinary for this innovative product!  Now, expert installers from Custom Image Interiors can embellish your'home'with Lincrusta innovative patterns!

     The extra deep, solid texture of these paintable Lincrusta Wallcoverings imitates tooled leather, plasterwork and pressed metal at an affordable price. 


                                 PAINT COLOR...Your Choice!

Use strong, durable 'Dado Panels'  for high traffic areas. Unique in style and design. Apply to rooms, hallways, and up staircases. This product comes in easy to layout wallpaper rolls in 23 foot lengths and each panel height is 41 inches tall.

                        Elegant Faux Painting Technique...out of this world!       


                        Timeless and Original Designs

                   Superior Product and Material

              Great Alternative to Wood Wainscoting

             Approved by the Historic Home Restoration Society

 Product News for the DIY!!   

Presto Patch...the new DAP wall fixer for simply...a hole in the wall!!  The patch is intended for repairing drywall holes larger than 3"diameter.  Diameter repair kit comes in 2 sizes... 3 7/8" and 6 7/8"  DAP products are widely available at all hardware stores.

                        Modern Cool                FIREPLACES               Sleeker Designs

The fireplace, pushed aside by the television, isn't an emotional center of the American living room...but it's finally fighting back in 2013.

Sleek, modern fireplaces with oblong facings, glittering glass and light show effects...are designed to fit in better with the sharp angles and edges of modern decor.  Flat screen TV's are often mounted right above the fireplace and draw attention to the fireplace first.   These new fireplaces can turn a whole wall into a design element. Whether controlled by a remote..or twigs and a match, the fireplace controls the ambiance of your room from daylight into night...

               Rectangular style fireplace elongated box replaces the traditional ...


                        Clean!      Modern!    


               SLEEK STYLE.....Popular Design for 2013! 

                               Wide Screen Flames!



                                        Under theGrease RemoverHood!!

                         Kitchen Power and Purr....         

                                  A HOOD design with ATTITUDE

         Kitchen 'hoods' are now making a unique design statement...expressing one's self in an extrordinary way!

    Custom Image Interiors can design an exquisite hood...or you can choose from many options match decor

                                                                    Lighting can add to overall effect!




The Claudelle is a highly decorative range hood. The opening of the shelf is highlighted by a succession of chiseled scalloped edges that draw the eye to the very soul of the kitchen, the hearth. The soft curves of the shelf offset the oversized dimension of the hood.


 The Garibaldi is a monumental range hood with very strong yet streamlined architectural lines. The overall linear design of the breakfront shelf is offset by the gentle curves of the double recessed concave stack.

Something to remember...

"A family that cooks 4 x each week can produce approximately 1 gallon of grease and 2 gallons of water in the form of steam a year" says Jan Byers, Manager of the Zero/Wolf Showroom in North Carolina. The blower ventilation system is designed to remove both.  The best option.... the blower which is vented to outdoors.  Range hoods which recirculate air from home's ventilation system, generally..don't perform as well.   The strength of blower should depend on the size and features of the range you're cooking on.

                                                                                                                             3 WAYS


                                                   TUNE   OUT   YOUR   TV

                                                                     ....a decorating conundrum

"When I first meet with my clients to go over details of their project, very often the 'TV' comes into the conversation.  It's usually a focal point in the room because of the 'gaping black hole' effect it leaves in the wall. The dialogue always includes the TV.  Do you really want to see it?  Well, it is what it is, right?"        Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID

-Art can 'outsmart:  Hanging a large piece of beautiful art which is capable of 'swinging' outward on side of TV can camouflage it in a creative way.

-Identity blurred: Between 2 bookshelves, a translucent glass piece dissolves it from view...slide on track at side of shelving unit when using TV

-Convince the TV:  Being 'discreet' is the TV's goal. Placing it among several other decorative objects in a grouping..a gallery wall..hides a small TV perfect!                                                                       

             The UNCOOL....makes a COMEBACK...for 2013

          Wallpaper... a great tool for giving any room an affordable facelift...making a room more intimate...special!

After two decades on the uncool list, wallpaper has made a comeback. There’s a huge range of rich textures and striking patterns on the market today that can bring glamour to a room – something that’s hard to accomplish with paint alone.

                          ALSO....say it with WORDS!

"When I saw the finished results of this teen girl's room, it warmed my heart.  Without the words...the interest in room fades.."!!

                                                                                                                                                                    Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID


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