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                                      NEW!!!     CHOOSE YOUR COLOR RUGS  NEW!!!

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                                                                             Infusion of color!!!

                                                                           YOUR   PERSONAL


                       C U S T O M      P  A  I  N  T     C O N S U L T A T I O N  

                           ...and the color forecast for 2012

                      !Warm autumn tones and rich desert hues bring in exciting new palettes!

                                                                              Colors sizzle!!

Studies prove consumers are now spending more time at home than ever before. The desire to create an environment which is refreshing and revitalized is important.  Major decorating decisions are made by safe choices and this includes color.  Painting a room is a scary thought to some homeowners..and a lot of work.  What if it's the wrong color?  Ask a professional...and the advice will be a time saver...



                                        Simplicity Chic!

This Living Room is simple in design...but uses interesting elements of the architecture to bring comfortable elegance to this traditional space.  The ceiling molding and carved fireplace facade creates a dramatic base for furnishings...along with the neutral palette in paint & flooring.

The 100% Silk fabric drapery panels add a touch of elegance to the otherwise simple design.  Installing the panels below the molding, with an interesting custom rod,  showcases both.

Using heirloom furniture pieces, such as the Queen Anne 18th Century accent chair and solid walnut cocktail table,  accomplishes the task of keeping it simple..but welcomes you into the room beautifully!

Layering a window covering can bring a classic appearance and also give you privacy.  The Roman Shade is versatile and coordinated with the side panels,  gives the room function and style.

Using a 100% Wool rug, brings pattern into the design. The bedcoverings are soft and inviting.  The Heritage wool, textured throw adds to the overall warmth of room.

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 NEW PRODUCT by Hunter Douglas...Design Studio Roman Shades!

See this NEW product @ and call Custom Image Interiors for a -20% discount on order.


                                                         Layer Logic! 


          CUSTOM TABLECLOTHS...any fabric...any size!!! 

Custom Image Interiors ALWAYS creates tablecloths to your specifications!!!  Have you had problems purchasing a round or oval tablecloth to FIT your  table and style???   WE CREATE IT!!!  

                        (We can design square and rectangular, too!!)

     THOUSANDS of fabrics to choose from!!!    Embellish it with trim!!!

                              Call now for information @  612-384-7718 

      NO SEAMS??....we have 118" fabrics for your elegant dinner party!


                  Introducing MASLAND Custom Rugs.... 

   Paint by number....but on a gorgeous 100% wool tufted rug!!!

 It is a well known fact in the design industry...if you want a custom 100% wool tufted rug... using all of the colors you will be expensive.   But "high end" rug vendors, along with new technologies,  are offering  custom colorations for insanely low pricing. Believe it!!  Choose from more than 150 color shades and create your rug in just a few minutes...  Choose from many styles.




 Contact Custom Image Interiors for pricing and ordering.  YOUR  1- of- a -kind custom rug can become a reality!!                612-384-7718


  From simple and sophisticated patterns to elaborately adorned masterpieces, Masland handcrafted custom rugs add drama, color, and definition to residential interiors. Choose from Masland's catalog of patterns and colors, using our design support staff, or develop your own design, to create a rug that expresses your style, your way.


                                 Custom Image Interiors
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                          Masland Custom Rugs! 


                                                                                  DESIGN and ORDER YOURS NOW!!
                                                         Your OWN colors...what could be better???
                                                      Choose your style and colors; then order a rendering of the perfect rug...all customized for YOU!!   

                       Choose:   Custom Rugs - Enter Site - CHOOSE YOUR COLORS!! 

              Open your world to the endless possibilities with the Masland Rug Collection.  MASLAND  'CHOOSE YOUR COLORS'  !!!!! 

                                 After coloring your rug, order a rendering @ no charge from Custom Image Interiors!



                                         A look inside ..... International  Market  Square......KITCHEN TRENDS! 


                                                                                                     Custom BESPOKE Kitchens! 

           Creating your dream kitchen!Your 25 year Warranty. A Lifetime Warranty. Our furniture is guaranteed for 25 years
With a heritage of over 30 years in Bespoke Kitchen design and                                                               manufacturing, this company has a very good idea of what you will be looking for in a Bespoke handcrafted kitchen.   Beautiful showroom @ IMS!

Since there is no standard range with our Bespoke kitchens, just an endless variety of styles, materials, configurations and innovative unique features... visiting our showroom really is the best way of seeing what our designers and workshop could create for you.

Contact Custom Image Interiors for showroom tour!  612-384-7718

Custom Image Interiors has been assisting clients for over 27 years..guiding them through the design process when building new construction or  remodeling.  There are 100's of decisions to be made...and having partners to refine the details and your ideas is very important.  Make an appointment today!

                                          Spray on....Wipe off!!!
Did you know?  Using WD-40 to clean your Stainless appliance is a PERFECT way to remove those fingerprints and unsightly smudges!!!!! Use soft cloth!          

                                                      NORTH STAR KITCHENS!! 



North Star Kitchens represents some of the finest engineered cabinetry available. Our manufacturers help us guide you to kitchens that are as beautiful and functional as a piece of fine furniture. Choose WmOhs’ exclusive Bombay design to soften the rigid geometry of your cabinets, bringing a French radius to the doors in a gentle, double-curved construction. Or, adjoin your kitchen space with freestanding furniture, extending into the dining room or living area with a fluidity that masks the pieces’ practical applications.

Cabinets coordinate with stone surfacing such as granite, marble, stainless steel, and Silestone countertops. At North Star Kitchens, we believe that our natural stone products add support to our designs. By bringing nature indoors, a cohesiveness binds various textures and finishes together. 

One way we bring harmony to your kitchen is by integrating the appliances with the room’s style. Our array of respected manufacturers can fulfill both your day-to-day and gourmet needs.

Listed below are the appliances and respected manufacturers we are proud to work with.

William Ohs believes form and function travel hand in hand. Since its inception in 1972, WmOhs has remained true to this vision, translating the elegant charm and practicality of traditional European and historic American kitchens into designs for modern audiences. The collection includes styles ranging from French Country to Tuscany. For the past 30 years, WmOhs has worked to infuse the appearance of antique furniture into practical, built-in storage cabinetry, creating “kitchen furniture” of unquestionable quality and style.

Downsview Kitchens
Since 1967, Downsview Kitchens has skillfully combined innovation with tradition. Committed to producing the market’s most functional and stylish contemporary offerings, Downsview Kitchens offers thousands of color and finish combinations. New introductions to the company’s product line undergo rigorous testing against Downsview Kitchens’ high quality standards. 

Quality Custom Cabinetry
Quality Custom Cabinetry’s promise is in its name; top quality is the bottom line standard for its American Classics and European cabinetry collections. Exclusive heirloom finishes, custom-matched stains, and paints reflect your unique tastes in every room in your home. Juxtapose a weathered, hand-finished armoire for added kitchen storage, create a gardening room, or infuse elegance into your study with a built-in cherry desk.

North Star Kitchens introduces Seville, a new modestly ­ priced custom cabinet manufacturer with exceptional value. Full overlay and inset construction.



         ARTFUL SPACES! 

Why use art?  Art makes a room come alive.  Coordinate interesting art with the colors in your room.  The hues can be subtle or bold..depending on whether your home is traditional or modern.

                                          Unique Pieces!

Positioning these plates in an attractive design, is a perfect solution for a small space in a Dining Room in Kansas City.  The lacquered, ceramic plates from Uttermost warm the decor and make interesting conversation!  Allow yourself to design something different!!



The brilliant colored 100% Wool Tapestry is the focal point of this sitting room.  The tones coordinate well with the loveseats for an elegant aesthetic appeal.  Using "art" in this way makes the decor classic..but not too formal...





               Sherrill Furniture! 


                        Offered by Custom Image Interiors! 

Sherrill Furniture offers a beautiful selection of fine upholstered furniture. Sherrill has literally thousands of colors, weaves, and patterns in its inventory. Sherrill puts a high priority on timeless design and quality construction that is hand-tailored and exceeds the customers expectations for excellence.

Browse and contact Custom Image Interiors for a -10% discount on order.   612-384-7718


Beautiful fabrics. Amazing Selection.

    Fabric is about a lot of things: style, beauty, durability, compatibility with your décor and, of course, your individual taste. Sherrill has literally thousands of colors, weaves, and patterns in its inventory, from outstanding mills, both domestic and foreign. In fact, we have more fabrics in stock than any other upholstered furniture manufacturer. We also put a priority on designing and constructing frame styles that not only meet the demands of today but that will remain timeless. So, put in your order. We'll build it by hand and cover it with the perfect fabric. And, of course, each piece is painstakingly hand-tailored by skilled specialists.