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              F A B R I C.....your STATEMENT of CHOICE!!


                           Dining Room.....Inviting!

The oppulent Window Treatmenst can be fabricated with this intricately designed fabric. A choice of tassle trim adds to the rich fibers!! It's all about the details in this design of medallions and leopard....

                                      Master Suite...Stunning!!   

Featured is an exquisite comforter ensemble ...elegant in gold, burgundy, and green damask medallion motif. The leopard print surrounds the medallion...and presents a luxurious flair....

 For information contact: Custom Image Interiors 612-384-7718

 "As an interior designer...I  can present design concepts and collaborate with you, my avoid surprises and disappointments. FORM, FUNCTION, COST....are the factors which are present when I begin a project.  From beginning to end....the design process has quality, expertise and professionalism".       

                                                                                                                                               Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID                                                

        Upholstered Headboards...Upholstered Beds.. a STATUS SYMBOL for 2015!!

No matter what other furnishings 
may be in a bedroom, the bed is still going to be the piece of furniture which makes a statement.  So, if the bed is going to be the first thing people notice, why not use it to make it the focal point?

Custom Image Interiors can help do just that, starting with our sixteen different styles of upholstered headboards for beds, each available in three sizes. Whether the preference is one of our simpler offerings, or one of our more elegant headboards, the shape and style selected can serve as a blank canvas. Your individuality and taste will come out through the fabric and trims you choose.

 Choose a fabric from our selection of prints, silks, solids, stripes, plaids, suedes, velvets and wovens. Or we can use  COM (Customer’s Own Material) to match or complement the fabrics already being used in the home and we’ll apply it on any of our upholstered headboards.

 This client wanted to accent an iron room divider behind the simplistic, modern, unique headboard design.  The completed project was given an overall A+.  The linen, woven fabric comforter enhances the design.

 With our extensive selection of headboard styles, fabrics and options, Custom Image Interiors can turn a bed into the focal point of any bedroom – and help you make a design statement that is uniquely your own.


From the simplest of designs to the most elegant headboards, our options make the possibilities virtually endless. You can contrast your favorite patterns, or choose a style with luxurious tufting. Accent the headboard with matching or contrast welting. Or pick a wood-framed headboard that mimics a fine antique. 

        Design TIPS for SPRING 2015! 

 Sure Footing!    On a shower stall floor,  'grout' equals traction.  Choose tile wisely....and opt for a mosaic;  therefore, creating more space for the grout to adhere.....for a non-slip grout surface! Say goodbye to hazardous slippery shower floors!

                                                 A PERFECT MIX!!!!

 Annoying Angles!  Sunshine from a single window can make applying makeup or shaving.....a challenge for all. To even out illumination, flank the medicine cabinet with frosted glass versions of your lighting sconce choice. A simple pendant light, hung from ceiling, can also diffuse the intensity of 60 W bulbs and cut the glare.


 NEW......FABULOUS FLOORS 2015!!!  Painted Wood Tile...any color, any style!!! 

              You choose the color and style....we'll do the rest!!   Unique FUN!!

                           ...for smaller can go CRAZY  with patterns and a bit of whimsy!! 



                                  P I N T E R E S T....Everything!

  PINTEREST....a link to peruse interesting recipes, design trends,                     architectural  phenomenons and world-wide destinations....

   ....all products & recipes personally selected and destinations visited....  


                              Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID

            Custom Image Interiors

   We inspire by our design at a time!

                 Magical World of  STENCILING....makes a sophisticated return! 

                                                                                    The NEW Wallpaper?  

Stenciling can work 'magic' in a wallpaper way.   You can focus on a room or simple accent wall....using elaborate medallion designs or dimensional contemporary graphics.  You will achieve the perfect coloration with your choice of hues.  Using the Ralph Lauren Metallic paint can transform a room in just a few hours.  


                                  2015 Trend!  Infinite patterns, shapes and styles....from classic designs to ultra modern forms.

                                                         Can also be used for FLOORS!

                 Guest Bedrooms......designs for all ages!! 

Teenagers to Grandparents will appreciate this clean, creative designed guest room.  Hundreds of color choices!


            Quiet Retreat!

   The soothing ambience of this design...creates a tranquil atmosphere....solitude!   An accent wall makes a statement with distinct character and sophistcation!


                                                                STENCILS...REVOLUTIONIZING DECORATIVE PAINTING!! 

                                                                     Painted FLOORS.....2015 NEW INNOVATION.....from  YEARS  PAST!


Surface decoration....can be applied to floors, walls, ceilings, wood, furniture, glass, tile and concrete.

Designing your next project with stencils?   Custom Image Interiors 'artistic painters' will change your room..... quickly and beautifully!   A perfect statement for a foyer, powder room or nook!   Many designs available!   The transformation can be an immediate personal statement!   WOW!!!!

 Maxwell FABRICations

                                           ...where quality meets practicality 

                                 EGO...Italian Cotton Sateen Fabric...Crisp & Cool!!!

Ego is a gorgeous cotton sateen designed and developed in Italy..exclusively for Maxwell Fabrics.  Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, Ego has the crisp, cool, hand signature to cotton, yet possesses a uniquely soft and smooth finish.

 Custom Accent Pillows make decorating fun and dramatic. Whether you use a neck roll pillow, an envelope pillow, a square pillow, a round pillow or a pillow sham...using our designer fabrics creates gentleness to the setting of each room. We can customize the size of any pillow style. Make a huge floor square pillow for the kids to lounge on, or customize your window bench seat using a variety of different throw pillows.

Design your bed with fluffy down filled pillows. Begin with two king pillow shams layered with a square pillow, an envelope pillow and top it off with a neck roll pillow. Let Custom Image Interiors create romantic style settings that are eternally young and forever new. Our design staff is eager to assist you.     

Ego creates a softness impossible to achieve with cotton alone, while also improving durability and color saturation.  The color palette is truly an Italian creation of sophisticated neutrals and a full spectrum of the most up to date color options.  The Ego line will have that perfect color hue for any design project you will envision.

                        Ask for our fabulous selection by Maxwell Fabrics through

                            Custom Image Interiors   612-384-7718


  ...a look inside....International Market Square....Minneapolis 

                        KDR Designer Showroom

 For 20 years KDR Designer Showrooms have provided the design community with the finest home furnishings, textiles and window coverings from around the world. From a humble beginning in 1991 with 1,000 square feet of showroom space, today KDR occupies over 80,000 square feet in St. Louis, Kansas City and Minneapolis, showcasing luxury, designer home furnishings and textiles.  

 American Drew is a medium to upper-end manufacturer of bedroom, dining room and occasional pieces, including a line by Jessica McClintock.

 Baker Furniture speaks the language of style. Not satisfied to be of the moment, the company works to play the role of taste maker and innovator rather than a follower at the whim of fashion. The accent is on product--design, materials and craftsmanship.


 Charleston Forge has been creating handmade wrought-iron furniture and accessories since 1985.  Starting in  a small fireplace shop in the mountains of North Carolina, Charleston Forge  products are now available throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Their cocktail tables, end tables, chairs &  beds are exquisitely designed for any interior project.  Quality!  Interesting!

 Bella Vita Decorative Trimmings offer beautiful styles and colorways to coordinate with any interior. Embellishing a pillow, comforter, drapery panels or shades with this colorful trim, makes your project stand out from the ordinary. Bella Vita makes sure everything is dyed and handcrafted to perfection!  

                                  Elegant!  Silk!  Opulent! 

   Call CUSTOM IMAGE INTERIORS today and take a 'stroll' inside... 

                                           KDR Designer Showroom.   

Did you know... Interior Designers can help their clients save money on their home improvement projects?   Designers can minimize mistakes that may be produced by inexperienced homeowners, saving them frustration, time and money. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) web site provides a wealth of information on working with a designer @ .  Check it out today!

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                                                                      Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID

                         Improve YOUR lifestyle.....GO GREEN!!! 

If you want to add value to your home...go green. Investing in energy-saving environmentally friendly features can reduce your monthly bills, enhance your lifestyle and make your home  more attractive to future buyers...who will fall in love with all of your 'green' features.  It's 2014....go for GREEN!!!!

                                                                          Features you might consider are:

                                                                   -Solar heating and hot water

                                                        -Energy efficient AC and heating systems

                                                              -Low-Flow faucets and shower heads

                                                                     -Extra wall and attic insulation

                                                                               -Airtight Windows

                                                                  -Natural lighting, such as skylights

                                                -Attractive awnings, which keep sun off decks, patio areas

                                                                                  -Ceiling Fans

These green features can vary widely in terms of cost. For instance, you can do things like sealing and caulking the windows and adding weather stripping to the doors without spending money to replace them. Rebates for energy-saving appliances can help you pay for the upgrade.  For further information regarding GREEN to your contractor or designer.

                Natural Lighting!

Wasco Skylight Company is one of America’s largest skylight manufacturers, employing skilled people who all share the values that make "Made in Maine" such a powerful statement: hard work, a keen desire to meet and exceed market needs, and pride in a job well done.

Many styles available... from Wasco Skylight Co.

                              Low Profile styles are very popular for 2014!

The Casablanca Fan Company combines the latest innovations in technology with classic 19th Century aesthetics and design.

 Major features included in every ceiling fan include Casablanca’s Perma-Lock™ connection system, and unique blade holders made from heavy-duty, reinforced die-cast virgin zinc and tested for reliable perfor

                            ...Let's fast forward to SUMMER!!! 

 Gather your family & friends around this fabulous fire pit for a cozy evening under the stars.  The glow of a warm fire to enhance the setting on a cool Summer evening will forever be remembered!

This LP Gas Fire Pit is full of beautiful textures and materials, and features stunning details. The metal base has a clean, grid pattern and a rustic, bronze finish. A hand-crafted slate mantel in warm, soothing earth tones will make any patio inviting. The porcelain steel bowl will withstand the high temps and a protective cover is included.

 Lake Adela Chaise Lounge is crafted from 100% Cashmere™ wicker, providing exceptional softness and superior durability against the elements. Soak up the sun poolside or enjoy a book on the patio. This beautiful chaise will be a favorite for years to come.

                         Includes all-weather polyester cushions.

  The bronze and stone tiled fire pit is a snap to light... thanks to the electronic ignition, but it looks totally natural due to the hidden control panel. It includes a protective cover for the LP tank so it remains discreet. It also includes lava rocks and ceramic logs, too. Requires a 20-lb. propane tank, not included.