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                     We inspire by our design at a time!

                             Paula E. Broghammer,  Allied Member, ASID

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                         Authenticity in Design...

Discerning clients throughout the USA have experienced the difference in homes designed  by Custom Image Interiors ...for over 28 years.  From modest lake shore cottages to oceanfront  luxurious estates...Custom Image Interiors offers authenticity in design which is rarely found in architecture elements today.  You'll discover the difference in quality... and attention to detail...within every elegant  and magical design.


                          Create the home you've only imagined!!!!


Custom Image Interiors can make your home a masterpiece of your personality.  Whether you're  planning new construction,  or simply changing the decor' in one room...your vision can be dramatic and become your reality!   The goal of our design team is to give YOU a one-of-a-kind space.

     Backsplash Surroundings.....Small Space...Big Impact!

Backsplashes are a terrific backdrop for cabinetry, appliances and accessories.....but always a  difficult decision for the homeowner.  It's usually the final WOW factor in designing a kitchen or bathroom.....and a big headache if it isn't the correct choice.  Many architectural factors come into play....color, shape, amount of coverage and......continuity blending within the architectural scheme..

                          MONOCHROMATIC  MAGIC!

A Ceramic Tile monochromatic theme in this all-white kitchen can be the final touch which 'completes' the look beautifully!  No need to use a colored tile which may distract from the overall simplicity!! 


                                      GORGEOUS GLASS!

Elegant GLASS TILE....just a hint of backsplash color.... completes this beautiful eclectic kitchen environment! 


                                  Energetic Personality!

Glass Tile selections include interesting colors, exciting patterns, dynamic textures and energetic shapes to add elegance to any environment.

                        WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS AVAILABLE!


                                                                                       METAL........Vintage meets MODERN! 

   These metal 'edgy' backsplash designs are very complimentary to a contemporary or modern design!


                                                                                                 Money in YOUR pocket!  

           STAGING through Custom Image Interiors

Okay...don't panic...selling your home can be your once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance your net worth. Generally, buyers look at 'as is' properties which need work...and say I'll it's worth making strategic changes before enlisting a Real Estate agent for your property. These worthwhile changes spell M O N E Y!             

                   Please view this 'Staging' link...for more details!

                                                                                     Home Staging



           Beautiful Floral Arrangements....FOR ANY OCCASION! 


      WOW your party guests with an 'ice' centerpiece...  
                               The wonderful gift of

A homemade ice centerpiece is a simple way to add beauty and an unexpected twist to table settings for  any holiday and special event.   It is easy to make and you can customize it to suit the occasion.....and  match your table linen and china decor...

-Prepare milk carton by cutting the top down by approximately 3"
-Fill  carton  with water within 3" of top
-Place  unopened soup can in center
-Tear carton from ice and remove can with a little water
-Fill cavity from can with 1/2  water and place flowers inside 
-Place ice vase on plate, lined with decorative napkin to catch melting

    Before ice vase in freezer...30 minutes ahead, assemble!






          Small hand tied posies....sit beautifully in tea cups from long ago.... 


              French   Spiral   Bouquet!

This spiral bouquet is the perfect arrangement for any type of entertaining!  You can build a 'spiral' by gathering your favorite flowers, mixing them and grasping them in one hand until they look the correct fullness, distribution, dimension and height.  Cut the stems at bottom across evenly and place in your favorite vase.  Easy!

                                    Hey, BUD, this vase is for YOU!!!

In the correct vessel....even a common 'stem' can look spectacular.  Try placing simple flowers in a glass decanter...or abundant blooms in a tall, apothecary cylinder.   Let the bloom and bowl steal the show.  It is 'ideal' to have several different shapes, sizes and heights to accommodate different arrangements.  Look through your cabinets and find something spectacular in  2014.                                                                                           

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 PINTEREST....a link to peruse interesting recipes, design trends,                      architectural  phenomenons and world-wide destinations....

  ....all products & recipes personally selected and destinations visited....  


                             Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID

            Custom Image Interiors

  We inspire by our design at a time!

  The BAR STOOL!!!  Movers....and.....Shakers...
                                Ultimate Function
                 M  E  M  O  R  Y!!
When purchasing a bar stool with a back or arms...the SWIVEL function is a must have...but there are some important options to remember!  When using the bar needs to return to the proper position when not in use.  The bar stool with 'MEMORY' is the ultimate function for remembering!  No fussing!  No turning! No positioning!  Always RIGHT ON!!!

                            The seat has a memory swivel, which automatically returns to front-facing position when you stand up.
                                                                                                              Brilliant design!!

           DARK  ROOMS?....what a BRIGHT idea!!

"I love dark paint in rooms...but it takes some 'courage' to pull the trigger and 'do it'!  I encourage my clients to go 'bold'!!! A space painted a sultry shade is so much more interesting than pale, dull hues...such as the overused 90's white, light beige or light cream. Of course, there are shades of color which work better than others. When using RED in a dining room in one of my client's homes...Benjamin Moore 1302 Sweet Rosy Brown was a dynamic choice.  It isn't over the top 'red'...but gives off an elegant and serene feel...looking very 'put together' as you view it from the open floor plan. The homeowner often comments about how much she loves this room color.  Recently, when a client dreamed about a 'blue' family room overlooking a beautiful Twin Cities lake... Martha Stewart Living MSL270 Schoolhouse Slate was applied.  The raves's very soft and warm...especially when used to compliment wood and stone.  With just a hint of green...this is now my favorite BLUE!  Consider all elements of the room when painting 'dark'. Using a muted area rug, interesting artwork and perfect accessories will make a statement against the dark backdrop. Remember, it's all about balance!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Paula E Broghammer, Allied Member ASID

Exotic, brown walls and a soft yellow ceiling form the perfect backdrop for the subdued golds and bronzes of the artisanal carvings, metallic silks, and textured embroideries in this alluring bedroom. Soft lighting and an intricate rug complement our gold and brown bedroom ideas to create a look of luxurious tranquility. Just add incense, and you’re ready to leave the stresses of everyday life behind!

      Both ROOMS above are painted with these Benjamin Moore products:

   Walls -Valley Forge Brown  HC 74        Ceiling - Bronze Beige 2151-50

 A glamorous getaway is always a treat... so why not create a unique haven for yourself right in your own home? With exotic paint colors and a few special touches, you can design your perfect space.

Luxurious fabrics and gorgeous  room colors combine to create a resplendent hideaway from the world. Golden brown walls and a soft, butter yellow ceiling impart a cocooning warmth that beckons relaxation. Soft lighting, achieved through the imaginative use of a hanging crystal chandelier, pagoda table lamp, and fabric screen to control the amount of natural light entering the space, sets the mood... 

A dramatic patterned rug...paired with fabric accents in shimmering melon and silk chartreuse completes the room. complement your exotic room ideas... shop for sumptuous fabrics with luxe details... such as hand-knotted fringe and embroidered beading – which can be affordable luxuries for small spaces.    Look for sophistication..yet comfortable for everyday living!!

Did you know?? The Benjamin Moore Affinity Paint Colors, which were introduced in 2012, seamlessly harmonize with one another?  These colors were created to be used expressly with Benjamin Moore 'Aura' paint..the only paint on the market to offer proprietary ColorLock technology.  It's essential to revealing the richness, depth and balance of Affinity Colors. Available in a variety of finishes, Aura paint offers superior film durability, adhesion and is mildew and water resistant. Ask your professional about Affinity's excellent coverage for your next project!


  DESIGNER TIPS...your decor inspiration!

Creating WOW Factor:  Many of us have a preconceived idea about paneling...usually negative.  We think about the 70's and the stiff and formal Living Room or our grandmother's stuffy Dining Room.  Painting 'geometric' squares will give paneling a contemporary look. This approach gives your room a warm and livable interest.  Painting the paneling the same as adjoining walls...or giving it an added splash of color...dispels the age old myth that wood wall paneling is oppressive and dark.

Forgo Abundance of Lighting:  You do not need a 'picture light' over every piece of artwork...or directional spotlights hitting every corner of your room.  I believe in interesting lamps... which can be moved at a moment's notice.  Accessorizing a room can be splendid with a variety of shapes, heights and colors when choosing the lamps.  Placement is a key factor...and don't go over the top with too many.

 Murals:  Does a huge wall of murals seem daunting? Commission a smaller accent wall or canvas. There's an advantage to working with a can choose all of the colors..being a bit more spontaneous with the design of your choice. The possibilities are endless!

A favorite mural water scene would be a perfect way to launch a nautical theme for a child's room.  You can commission a muralist to create one wall or a canvas, which you can move easily.

-Remember to pull the furniture off the wall a bit to let mural shine!

-Murals add architectural interest and whimsy!

 Wool Window Treatments: Who would ever dream of using 'wool' for a window treatment?  Wool is very appealing because it hangs beautifully.  It is a sturdy fabric and won't sag, deteriorate or fade.  Wool also cleans easily.  You can actually 'brush' it like a suit.  Using wool would be terrific in a casual dining area or library.  Wool can be purchased in a variety of thread can be as light or heavy as you prefer.  Dressing your window with wool is so 2013!!!  Try it!


                           Technology the Interior Design Industry! 

An Ancient Greek Philosopher  said a long time ago "The only constant is change"....and the recent change in the design industry points to TECHNOLOGY!  It's said that technology information is doubling every 10 years.  More and more products are coming to the forefront of the interior design industry and available to homeowners.

Custom Image Interiors works with industry partners who are on the cutting edge of their fields. We've all heard "it's not what you's who you know".  We don't know everything about the latest innovations..but we know who to call to enhance or complete a project for our clients. 

                                                           NEW!!!     Induction Cook Tops!!!    Steam Dishwashers!!!   Shower Head  with Soap Dispenser!!!

                                                             If you can dream it.....we can do it!!

                                                                       Contact: Custom Image Interiors @ 612-384-7718

         TAPESTRY!  Brilliant DESIGNS!  Brilliant COLORS! 

Today, high quality tapestry reproductions are currently woven on jacquard looms. The computer guided looms are perfect to reproduce detail and allow for the many colors required for the elegant motifs of today's popular wall hangings.


Often,  tapestry  designs and color's chosen.... are vibrant; therefore not need decorative hardware or tassels to embellish  this unique 'piece of art'.  Hang flat to wall without extensions of any kind....a statement of it's own.....SIMPLE BEAUTY!

                                               Abundance Tapestry

This exquisite, richly colored wall hanging features a botanical urn with a beautiful, artistic scrolled border. Tones of cranberry, black and golds make up the color palette.  The tapestry of Jacquard Woven Cotton blend is the final addition to any interior environment.

                                                                   53" H x 40" W                      

This explosion of woven earth tones... erupts into a symmetrical and delicate banquet to the eye. A must have for any room.

Jacquard is woven from a cotton blend. Finished with a tapestry rod sleeve, it includes a weighted bar at the bottom of the tapestry for even hanging.  

Decorative Rod and Tassle Embellishments are not included.

               Martha's Choice Tapestry 

 bountiful floral display with colorful blooms in bright blue, soft pink, muted orange and golden yellows will add a splash of color and natural beauty to any wall in your home.

Jacquard woven cotton blend tapestry. Fully lined & finished including tapestry rod sleeve.

                                                             53"H x 57"W

       HENREDON...quality fashion for your home!!

            Custom Image Interiors consistently recommends HENREDON over other furniture manufacturers for their clients..because of it's quality, comfort and style!!

                                            HENREDON  UPHOLSTERY!

Perfectly beautiful sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals; richly dressed in an array of designer fabrics and leathers in a sweeping range of colors, patterns and textures. Designs are sophisticated and relaxed.Your choice can be contemporary or  traditional.  Both styles exhibit a level of materials and craftsmanship to which others can only aspire…


                                     Arabesque   Collection

Arabesque captures the Italian and European forms highlighted by rich, robust carvings and filigree details, recalling the grandeur of Venetian court furniture. Hand-cracked chestnut burl and pecky pecan veneers in warm-as-toast finishes bring the designs to life.                           

                                   Today the name Henredon represents the best in furniture craftsmanship and quality....

        THANK YOU for visiting the Custom Image Interior's website!  

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