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                             Authenticity in Design...

Discerning clients throughout the USA have experienced the difference in homes designed  by Custom Image Interiors ...for 37 years.  From modest lake shore cottages to oceanfront  luxurious estates...Custom Image Interiors offers authenticity in design which is rarely found in architecture elements today.  You'll discover the difference in quality... and attention to detail...within every elegant  and magical design.

Custom Image Interiors can make your home a masterpiece of your personality.  Whether you're  planning new construction,  or simply changing the decor' in one room...our vision can be dramatic and become your reality!   The goal of our design team is to give YOU a one-of-a-kind unique space.  

                                     !!!!FIFTY SHADES OF GREY!!!!   

There are more than fifty shades of grey...and every single one was used in home decor from 2010 through 2019. Grey painted walls, wood stained floors, custom cabinetry, fabrics, carpet, rugs, accessories.....were synonymous with style..... and everyone jumped on the grey bandwagon.  Problem?  Grey very quickly became overplayed and it was found to be over used and over specified for design projects for over 10 years.  In the it eased into was paired with creamy whites.  After 2015...the grey hues were paired with different Shades of Grey!!!!   Do you think the GREY-ZY trend will be over in 2021?

            Woven Arts....a life of it's own!!!

                                               Let your imagination soar...when choosing that special  

                                                                                               RUG DESIGN!

Decorativehand-wovencontemporary, modern, and traditional rugs and carpets can be found at WOVEN ARTS!

                                                                International Market Square-Minneapolis

The creation of a Woven Arts RUG involves the master weaver's use of inventive colors and unusual textures and finest materials, in highly sought after designs. The company's meticulous buying process couples modern fashion with old world construction techniques.

The showroom offers high end brand names alongside Woven Arts' popular private label. Furthermore, Woven Arts offers a customization program, which empowers designers and clients to create their own original works of art and self expression. 

                                       Aesthetically enhance your home or commercial setting....and enjoy for a lifetime!

                Your....little bit of....COLOR!!!             


Your LIFESTYLE should include soft muted colors which embrace harmony, simplicity and happiness within!!!! Add splashes of wondrous color with accessories...including accent pillows, artwork  & special heirloom ceramic pieces...



                                    C O L O    FORECAST   2 0 2 1

According to the color trends for 2021...the year will be defined by soothing tones from blues to greens..from oranges to pinks. Both will be transitioning from the 'grey' hues from years past. It will be a gentle transition...since many colors already have grey undertones, which soften a deeper color choice.  Evoking calmness is the key to a relaxing environment.  By mixing color palettes...your interior will have the timely on-trend look for 2021! 

                                           Custom Image Interiors                                                                                                      2021



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                            Paula E Broghammer, Principal Designer

            Custom Image Interiors

  We inspire by our design at a time!

  DESIGNER TIPS...your decor inspiration!

Creating WOW Factor:  Many of us have a preconceived idea about paneling...usually negative.  We think about the 80's, 90's and the stiff and formal Living Room or seeing stuffy Dining Rooms.  Painting 'geometric' squares will give paneling a contemporary look. This approach gives your room a warm and livable interest.  Painting the paneling the same as adjoining walls...or giving it an added splash of color...dispels the age old myth that wood wall paneling is oppressive and dark.

Abundance of Lighting....Snafu!!  You do not need a 'picture light' over every piece of artwork...or directional spotlights hitting every corner of your room.  I believe in interesting lamps... which can be moved at a moment's notice.  Accessorizing a room can be splendid with a variety of shapes, heights and colors when choosing the lamps.  Remember...placement is a key factor...

                        Under the  Hood!!

                         Power and Purr....         

                                     A HOOD design with ATTITUDE

         Kitchen 'hoods' are now making a unique design statement...expressing one's self in an extrordinary way!

    Custom Image Interiors can design an exquisite hood...or you can choose from many options match decor!

                                                                         Lighting can add to overall effect!





The Claudelle is a highly decorative range hood. The opening of the shelf is highlighted by a succession of chiseled scalloped edges that draw the eye to the very soul of the kitchen, the hearth. The soft curves offset the oversized dimension of the hood.

Your KITCHEN is usually the focal point of your home...if you have an 'open floor plan'...enticing comfortable living! Make a SPLASH!!

The GIRIBALDI is an extraordinary range hood and designed with beautifully appointed architectural lines. The 'breakfront' shelf is especially attractive and offsets the gentle curves of the concave facade.

The BAR STOOL!!!  Movers....and.....Shakers...

               Ultimate Function
             !!M  E  M  O  R  Y!!
When purchasing a bar stool with a back or arms...the SWIVEL function is a must have...but there are some important options to remember!  When using the bar needs to return to the proper position when not in use.  The bar stool with 'MEMORY' is the ultimate function for remembering!  No fussing!  No turning! No positioning!  Always RIGHT ON!!!


   This seat has a memory swivel, which automatically             returns to front-facing position when you stand up!
                                                                                                            !!Brilliant Design!!
                                          -Melodramatic or Simplistic

                                                              YOUR ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE


Did you know?? The Benjamin Moore Affinity Paint Colors, seamlessly harmonize with one another?  These colors were created to be used expressly with Benjamin Moore 'Aura' paint..the only paint on the market to offer proprietary ColorLock technology.  It's essential to revealing the richness, depth and balance of Affinity Colors. Available in a variety of finishes, Aura paint offers superior film durability, adhesion and is mildew and water resistant. Ask your professional about Affinity's excellent coverage for your next project!  You'll be happy you did....

An Ancient Greek Philosopher  said a long time ago "The only constant is change"....and the BIG change within the past several years in the design industry... points to TECHNOLOGY!  It's said that technology information is doubling every 10 years.  More and more products are coming to the forefront of the interior design industry and available to homeowners and corporations.

Custom Image Interiors works with industry partners who are on the cutting edge of their fields. We've all heard "it's not what you's who you know".  We don't know everything about the latest innovations..but we know who to call to enhance or complete a project for our clients. 

                                                             If you can dream it.....we can do it!!

                                                             Contact: Custom Image Interiors @ 612-384-7718

                        M U R A L S ... MAKING   A   STATEMENT

 Murals:  Does a huge wall of murals seem daunting? Commission a smaller accent wall or canvas. There's an advantage to working with a can choose all of the colors..being a bit more spontaneous with the design of your choice. The possibilities are endless!

A favorite mural water scene would be a perfect way to launch a nautical theme for a child's room.  You can commission a muralist to create one wall or a canvas, which you can move easily.

-Remember to pull the furniture off the wall a bit to let mural shine!

-Murals add architectural interest and whimsy!

                       FABRIC FAVORITE IN 2021

 Wool Window Treatments: Who would ever dream of using 'wool' for a window treatment?  Wool is very appealing because it hangs beautifully.  It is a sturdy fabric and won't sag, deteriorate or fade.  Wool also cleans easily.  You can actually 'brush it like a suit.  Using wool would be terrific in a casual dining area or library.  Wool can be purchased in a variety of thread can be as light or heavy as you prefer.  Dressing your window with wool is so 2021!   Try it!

CUSTOM window coverings, pillows, duvets and slip covers can be designed and fabricated by Custom Image Interiors
                          Quick!        Precise!     One of Kind!

       HENREDON...quality fashion for your home!!

Custom Image Interiors consistently recommends HENREDON over other furniture manufacturers for their clients..because of it's

                                                                          overall quality, comfort and style!!

                                            HENREDON  UPHOLSTERY!

Perfectly beautiful sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals; richly dressed in an array of designer fabrics and leathers in a sweeping range of colors, patterns and textures. Designs are sophisticated and relaxed.Your choice can be contemporary or  traditional.  Both styles exhibit a level of materials and craftsmanship to which others can only aspireā€¦


                                     Arabesque   Collection

Arabesque captures the Italian and European forms highlighted by rich, robust carvings and filigree details, recalling the grandeur of Venetian court furniture. Hand-cracked chestnut burl and pecky pecan veneers in warm-as-toast finishes bring the designs to life.                           

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